I think Life is like the ocean.

I get that I’ve been referencing ocean more than once, but I think there is a deeper meaning to the ocean than we may realize. You get that pun? Haha.

This is just my take.

I just finished watching a movie on Netflix the other day called “47 Meters Down.” It was pretty good for a Shark movie, but I’ll always love my “Deep Blue Sea” baby!!!

“Deepest, bluest, my hat is like a shark’s fin.” Chill Ibsaa, CHILL!

If you haven’t seen the movie and you do want to watch it, I recommend you maybe not continue reading.

***Spoiler alert***

In the movie these two women go exploring the ocean to see sharks in some country that I can’t remember with these guys they just met. Meanwhile I’m just trying to get the girl at the local 7’11 by my moms house to say more than “here’s your change” to me. Haha all jokes. But nah, the two girls in the movie got into a cage in the middle of the ocean to see some sharks, the cable broke and they plunged to the ocean floor.

That’s right, them girls dun dropped to the ocean floor!!

After staying in my Bible since being saved, I thought to myself that that moment those girls were stuck at the bottom of the ocean, in a rusty cage and their oxygen tanks running out with sharks all around it hit me. BAM!

If you ever want to experience the Greatest Fear in life, those girls in the movie displayed it. You may have felt it too even though you were bundled up on your couch in Vermont enjoying a Snickers bar while your dog stared at you to go outside and pee while watching this movie.


It wasn’t just plummeting to the bottom of the ocean in a massive cage in an open ocean that was their greatest fear; it wasn’t just the fact that their oxygen tanks would soon deplete; it wasn’t just the fear of great whites soon devouring them to pieces and I don’t believe it was just the feeling that they would never be found.

All of those thoughts I’m sure went through the main characters heads  – and yours too most likely – but I believe they all culminated into one main thought. At least I believe so.

That all hope was lost.

Being that you already know how Hollywood movies go, I don’t think I am spoiling too much here but there was another Big scene in the movie to me. When the women were still submerged underwater in the cage with their oxygen tanks running low and sharks nearby, they smiled and were happy.

Odd you may think, right?

Why would anyone smile and be happy underwater in shark infested water where they most likely will soon be torn to pieces? Were they hallucinating or something? Nah shawty. Not yet at least. But because they saw someone, they thought, with a flashlight. They believed they were about to be saved by a rescue person. Keep in mind, they hadn’t been saved yet.

You see how I am using the word saved, right? That is the key word to pay attention to next to hope.

To me, that not only shows you the power of the mind, but also the power of hope. 

Though the girls were still submerged, that little light shining in the dark waters from a distance was enough for them to have hope and believe they would be saved. Thus making them happy even though they hadn’t been saved yet.

Light in the darkness? Now that seems Biblical too and didn’t even catch it till now.

Once you lose all hope it is the most terrifying thing in the world. Not partially lose hope like if you were to lose a job, but still have friends and family to support you. I’m talking about losing ALL HOPE!

And for me that was my Greatest Fear next to hell because I felt that the only thing left was death by suicide (personally), which was scary to me. Scary because I didn’t want to spend eternity in hell and I believed that if I killed myself I would go their. But when your hope, that was once depleted gets refilled it is one of the Greatest Feelings in the world. To go from such an extreme low thinking you are about to die to such a high is one of the best feelings.

Why do you think people do illegal & I guess legal too drugs?

But like I said, if you caught what I was throwing earlier props to you! That being the part about being saved.

I finished the movie pretty sad & mad because the director, the actors, the production crew and heck even the dude bringing in the food for the cast members missed it. Haha but nah, in my eyes, the women who were rescued or weren’t rescued (I’ll let you watch it) were saved by the wrong person. They were saved by man, but the wrong man.

They should have been saved by Jesus Christ. 

Yes, you heard me right?!!

Jesus wants to be the One who takes you from that extreme low (pun intended) to that extreme high. Not a rescue diver.

Those women had eternity in heaven right their in their hands, but they missed it.

If only they would have called on Jesus in their hearts and declared that He is the Son of Man out loud as it states in Romans 10:9 before their oxygen tanks ran out, their oxygen tanks would not only been refilled but would never have run out. Not only that, they would have been saved. Truly saved!

They could have “died” right their in that cage or torn to bits by sharks, but they wouldn’t have died. Their earthly bodies would have been gone, but their Spirit and soul would have been secure in heaven.

They would have just gone to sleep until Christ returned like all the other true believers will and have done already when they are no longer here in this world.

“For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.”

-1 Thessalonians 4:16 (NIV)


So that is just my two cents on the movie “47 Meters Down.” I hope ya’ll caught my drift here. Haha let me stop with these puns. I might lose some followers.

Overall it was a decent movie and though they may have made some huge sales in the box office or through streaming, just think how much better it would have done making no sales but spreading the message of Jesus correctly? In my book I think I’ll take heavenly “money” over earthly money anyday. Even though I doubt there is any money in heaven, but you get my point.

Anyways, I’m Out!

P.S. If anyone needs me to review any movies from a Christian perspective holla at me!