This right here is my opinion. So you are free to agree or disagree.

But I believe the purpose of life is to find yourself. 

Sound crazy huh? It may but let me elaborate.

What makes you think that you are you? Like for me, what makes me think that just because my name is Ibsaa Jamal Adam that I am really the Ibsaa Jamal Adam God created me to be?

Growing up I wanted to be like everyone but me. We all want to be accepted for the most part, so if our friends don’t like us or our family doesn’t like us we conform. At least that’s what I did. Seeing my brother and sister who are in high school now, I see how they want to look and act like others around them. No kid wants to be made fun of, right? For me, I wanted to be like whomever would be accepted; whomever wouldn’t be picked on and respected; whomever would be “loved.”

When I step back and look at a human life, I think it is one of the most beautiful things in life. But only when you truly look at it. Like for instance, I think it is hilarious when a couple who has a child think that they actually created the child. Ya’ll just had sex – chill.

God created the child. God created you.

So being that God created you, I believe it is up to you to really find out if you are you. The you God intended you to be (Sorry about all the “you’s”).

If you watch a child enter this world and grow up, you witness a lot of interesting things. A child learns to cry on their own, eat on their own, fart/poop and pee on their own. Some babies even learn how to walk on their own. You don’t have to tell a baby to get older as they do that automatically. Their bones grow, they usually get taller, their brain develops amongst other things. And you have no part in that at all. 

To me, that is Mind Blowing!

So what does God give you control over if a child learns to develop amongst everything on their own? The mind.

Yes a child may come out of the womb with physical deformities that you may be able to assist them with. But even if you weren’t their and that child died from complications or a physical issue, it isn’t the end for that child. They just go back home to heaven.

Which is a Very beautiful thing!

I think that God not only gives you “control” over a child’s mind, but He is giving you “control” over a piece of the body that could potentially determine that child’s eternity. Which I believe should be placed of Greater value than their time on earth which is short. I believe this is EXTREMELY important and every person should care for not just their children’s minds, but others as well with Great care.

How do you care for another child’s mind? Good question.

The answer I believe is to take care of your own mind.

This means that before you have kids, deal with your anger outbursts or pornography addiction. This means to deal with any pain that is affecting your own mind because if you don’t deal with it, I believe that your kids will.

Don’t believe me? Here is an example: If a kid at school starts picking on your son, your first reaction may be to go up to the school and find the kid who is picking on your child. Then try to get that child in trouble. Or you could tell your own child to fight back. In both of these scenarios what exactly are you doing here? You are fighting anger with anger.

Because you haven’t dealt with your own anger in life, you pass it down to your kids by telling them to fight back. Or you show them that you have anger within you by going up to their school to find the child responsible and get them in trouble. To me, that isn’t good or what God wants at all.

We should combat hate with kindness. Combat hate with love.

But to do that, we have to deal with our own hurts first. We have to go to Jesus and tell Him that we are angry so He can take us to the root of our anger and set us free. It could very well be our parent telling us to fight back when we were bullied as a child which sparked us to develop anger within our own hearts.

Now right there I just said something which I believe is extremely key. The heart.

The heart I believe is the Gold mine. 

I believe that God resides in our hearts, but Satan wants to take control over our minds so that the heart cannot lead us. Satan wants our minds to lead us, not our hearts.

Which is why if parents we don’t give our kids the love they need and take care of their hearts they will most likely conform. Conform to find “love,” but this time through changing to be like others. Changing their minds to be like others. Allowing Satan to take over and no longer God.

Because we all desire love. We all desire God whether we want to believe it or not.

If we don’t listen to them, spend time with them and show them that we love them just the way they are even if no kids at school like them, it can truly impact that child’s life into adulthood. But the real key isn’t just showing your children that you love them for who they are, but to fight the evil at school and in the world with Jesus. Making Jesus their best friend.

Don’t let Satan become your child’s best friend by taking over their mind.

Why do you think kids and even some adults really like kids movies? Because they touch the heart with the kindness, affection, and just overall happiness they display. Kids love things that will make them happy and touch their hearts. Our job as “adults” is to protect each child’s heart and mind by making sure our minds are healthy. Thus allowing us to lead our life and our children’s life with our hearts, which is what I believe God wants from all of us.

Whenever I do have kids I want to make sure that I’ve pulled up all or as many roots within my mind as possible. Allowing me to lead my children from my heart.

The anger I display towards others now is rooted in my anger at my father for leaving me as a child. How could he leave his firstborn? The desires I have for a spouse or sexual partner is really me not knowing myself and desiring to feel whole or complete. Asking Jesus to show me the root of all my pains or desires will be well worth it. For not just my immediate generation, but many after that.

Because as you can see, dealing with the root of pain within my mind is not just healing for the heart and in helping others, but it lessens the devils power. Many people may not tell you this, but if you read Ezekiel 28, we can see that the devil is not dumb. He is very wise! He was pretty much God’s right hand man almost. And if you want to beat him, you have to beat him at his own game. Becoming smarter or wiser than him. 

So as I sit with the anger in my mind, I not only see what is hurting me at the root but I see what is hurting others around me also as they display similar symptoms. So the wisdom I am obtaining can impact not just my life, but many others. Which is why I love this blog and being able to share what I am learning.

Jesus defeats Satan and saves your life. But wisdom given to you by Jesus can change the world. It could save the world!

So if any of you want kids, have kids or don’t even want/have kids I highly recommend healing your mind by drawing near to Jesus. He will not only show you the root of your pains, thus giving you wisdom and healing, but He will show you how to defeat Satan. How to stop letting Satan have “control” of your mind and use it as a playground for him and his demons. How to let your heart lead you again as it did in your childhood.

That is where real life is. Drawing near to Jesus, allowing Him to fight the evil forces within your mind and let your heart, where I believe God resides, to prevail and live freely. To direct and guide your life. Both here on earth and in your eternal home – heaven.

Once you rid Satan and his warriors from your mind, I believe you will find your life. I am not 100% sure on that as I am still dealing with demons within my own mind. But I feel different every time I get to the root of a pain I have; more free. I have a Strong feeling that the Ibsaa Jamal Adam God created will be here soon. I don’t think I have to travel to find him. I just think I need to keep drawing near to Christ every time I feel a pain in my mind, for Him to reveal to me the root. Thus uprooting it and freeing me just more. Bringing me closer and closer to God within my heart. Bringing me closer and closer to Ibsaa. The real Ibsaa. The Ibsaa Jamal Adam God intended me to be.

Suffering is a good thing here on earth. It means Satan and his demons have a hold of our mind and we need to draw near to The Lord so He can heal us and free us. At least that is what I believe. Your kids and others will thank you. You will thank you.

I encourage you to embark on this journey with me to find yourself. Then I believe we will not only know who we are, but what job God wants us to do on earth. I have a feeling it will be bringing wisdom to others. Wisdom that will defeat the devil.

Just a thought. 

Take Care