You heard me right! Don’t take away a monkeys wisdom.

I’ve been watching this Netflix series entitled “Life” from a few years back and I love it! I love everything about it. I love how advanced insects, birds, mammals and all living creations are. Well more advanced than I ever imagined.

It makes me also look at God differently. Seeing not just how powerful He is, but also how creative He is too.

I mean even down to the smallest details on an insect, He did that. Give a human a job of creating the world in six days and they may cut corners on certain plants and animals to get the job done. But not God.

God put passion and love, I believe, behind each and every one of His creations; including us. But as I watch the “Life” series on Netflix, I am not just taken aback by how beautiful all of life’s creations are and how blown away I am at God for creating all of it. I am also taken aback by the Great wisdom each creation on the “Life” series seems to display. Even down to the tiniest ant that spends each day cutting down grass to bring back to their home underground to feed fungus, which in turn provides them with food.

Like WOW!

I was and still am literally blown away by how intelligent these creatures are. Funny enough, I had to temporarily stop watching “Life” not because I didn’t like it anymore, but rather I was too Amazed at what God created. How intelligent these insects or birds were without me knowing of it. Always thinking insects or plants or anything but humans were not that smart. It literally blew my mind as corny as that may sound. I would recommend watching it if you have the time.

So when I say “Don’t take away a monkeys wisdom,” I am referring to the “Life” series and specifically the episode on mammals.

Each episode captivated me from the one on fish to insects and even birds. Each creation displays their own level of wisdom, no matter how large or small they may be. But Mr. Chimp or the episode that featured Chimpanzees really taught me something. Or I should say opened my eyes to something.

When we place animals in zoo’s most people are sad because they don’t have the open space like in the wild to run around and be “free.” I used to share the same sentiment. But now I feel sorry for the animals in zoo’s for a different reason.

Animals in captivity aren’t being robbed of their freedom; they are being robbed of their wisdom.

Maybe I am wrong, but I believe that when animals die they live again in eternal heaven but forever this time. That is where true freedom is. So zoo’s or aquariums are just a temporary holding facility for them. What I do feel sad about is the wisdom, not freedom, that is robbed from these animals due to captivity.

In the episode with the chimps you saw an older chimp that found a specific fruit in the wild. This fruit, though, was not easy to open as it was encased in a hard shell. Through what seemed to be many years of trial-and-error the chimps had figured out a way to get into the hard shell to obtain the sweet fruit on the inside.


By first finding rocks then learning how to smash them appropriately to obtain the fruit within the shell, they were able to obtain their goal. That sweet fruit inside. The baby chimps would then watch their parents break into these fruits with the rocks and try to mimic them. But would oftentimes fail until finally they cracked the code.

The chimps here displayed true wisdom. That was thus passed on to the younger generation.

It may have taken years before a chimp even stumbled across that fruit in the wilderness. Chimps could have been content with eating plants and other berries for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. But one chimp down the years may have stumbled across this particular shell, noticed something within it maybe due to a cracked one nearby and tried to break into another one.

That chimp could have brought others to witness him or her try to break this shell, thus prompting other chimps to try different tools. The initial chimp who found the fruit could have died attempting to find the right formula to crack the code or fruit, but other chimps, seeing how dedicated he or she was, maybe assumed something great within that shell. So they continued trying to crack the shell until they found what worked.

That could have taken days, months or even years. But eventually it was done.

And what that original chimp who died may have failed to realize is that he or she could have really cracked the code before they died. The code to wisdom.

Through his or her efforts, many followed and eventually one or many initially succeeded. That successful attempt now leads to almost, if not every chimp in that region being able to access that fruit once they perfect the skill to open it. Who knows, maybe each food that insects, mammals, fish, birds and even us find appealing was once discovered by a brave soul who wanted to try something new and dedicated their life to discovering it.

If so, the reward is worth well beyond one cracked shell that reveals a juicy fruit.

That chimp, not knowing it, may have just saved other chimps lives when all other food runs out and not just that. That chimp could save other mammals lives as well with that discovery. Including us humans if we happen to be stranded in the middle of the wilderness, but remember this fruit from the “Life” series or a class in school. All thanks to that brave and wise chimp.

So when I see zoos or aquariums now I feel a different sadness. Particularly during feeding time. Because guests of these aquariums and zoos are only getting a tiny glimpse into some of God’s most Amazing creatures. Not being able to see the true wisdom that is housed within the largest of sharks and even the tiniest of ants.

Even us, as humans, I believe have more wisdom than we realize. But in our life things are easily accessible. Food, clothes, house, cars, etc. Yes, money is needed, but I don’t believe money is that hard to obtain. Not like wisdom.

Maybe if we all ventured into the wilderness with just the clothes on our bodies, we would see the wisdom that God implanted in us too just like those chimps. We may discover something that may change the world just like that brave chimpanzee did.

But that chimpanzee reminds us that wisdom is not easy. It requires risk, being different than the rest and takes tremendous sacrifice. The time that chimp spent cracking at that shell, he or she could have been doing other things. He or she may have been laughed at by other chimps for looking silly. Wisdom may even take your life as it can be so painful to see something you want so badly, but take so long to obtain it. Trying so hard to crack the code, but failing multiple times.

But I believe the reward is worth it. Well worth it! Not just for that chimps immediate offspring, but for every generation after that.

So when people ask me what I am doing with my life, my new reply will be “obtaining wisdom.” I believe that is what I have been doing for a long time now. Risking losing loved ones, being different than the rest by not having a 9-5 and sacrificing years of my life to hopefully crack the code of bringing Jesus to my family. In hopes that I will finally figure it out and it won’t just benefit my family, but generations after me all over the world.

I want to go to the eternal heaven and I want my family and you their with me. So if me venturing off from the church to make sure I am following the right Jesus is what I need to do, I’ll do it. Risking losing everything on earth in the process and sacrificing my life.

So the next time you go to the zoo or aquarium just realize that there is more to that chimpanzee in the cage then you may realize. They were around before zoos or aquariums existed and before handlers gave them food at set times of the day. And also realize that humans were alive before Chick-fil-A’s and Dominos Pizza.

What does that say?

That wisdom is the reason creation is still here today. Wisdom that I believe God implanted us with. Money is great and all, but don’t lose track on where the real value lies in life.


But wisdom is painful and requires you to come out of your comfort zone, which can be very scary! But with one life on earth I rather be different, take risks and sacrifice. Who knows – it could change the world.

Take Care