Many of us don’t want to get old.

We dread each year that passes as it is a reminder of our coming death and mortality. We see our bodies not work as they once did. So most of us get sad, mad and maybe even depressed.

I’ll be honest, aging, is sometimes a reminder that God is real and we are just human beings. Because none of us, no matter how much money we have, can stop time or death. We all have the same amount of time each day no matter where in the world we live and we will all die one day. So as much as people can praise humans on this earth for whatever accomplishments they may achieve, they will all die one day.

“Well Jesus died too Ibsaa.”

I knew you would say that. Haha

But though Jesus died on this earth many, many years ago – He is still here. He is inside you and me. As crazy as that sounds.

And that is why I say there is beauty with aging.

You see when you are young you want to take advantage of your youth, knowing you won’t be in your 20’s or 30’s or even 40’s forever. So you party, play all types of sports, travel and do whatever you possibly can to take advantage of your young years.

So if you see someone on the side of the street preaching about Jesus or walk by a church one Sunday morning and hear people screaming and shouting about this man called Jesus, you may not care. Because you have a sporting event to get to or a restaurant reservation. Or you just don’t care to get to know Him.

Pretty much in your young years you are busy. Almost, if not, all of the time.

Just look at your phone calendar.

We don’t want to die because this earth has SO many fun things to do and fun people to hang out with. And when we think like that, we can miss the main point of life. That is, until we hit old age.

You were a professional runner in your 20’s, but now you are 60 years old and can no longer run because of bad knees. You could party your tail off back in the day, but you blew all your money away and none of your kids wanted to take care of you, so you are stuck in a nursing home for the rest of your life.

This can seem like a very, VERY depressing time to many. But to God it isn’t.

For many people, including myself, I wanted love growing up from my parents. Unconditional love like I stated before. Love that wouldn’t force me to change who I was. But unfortunately I didn’t receive that.

So what did I do? I chased girlfriends, sex, pornography, the gym, club (not so much) – pretty much anything that would potentially bring me closer to a woman to fill that void of love. Because that desire for love never goes away no matter how old you get.

But after a while girls stopped finding me as attractive. After a while I gained weight and struggled losing it. After a while the sexual desires only brought more trouble than pleasure. So I retreated. I shut everyone off and stayed inside my house, not wanting to be bothered by anyone. Still craving a woman, but struggling to find one who would like or even love me with all my weaknesses. Continuing to push women away because I would only use them and not know how to give and receive true love.

It wasn’t until I started chasing God again that things started to make sense.

Though I am only 28 years old, I believe God could have been trying to give me the answer as to what I needed to do to find true love when I was 14 years old. What I needed to do to get through that tough period of my life in middle school. But I was so busy trying to be liked by everyone else and be like everyone else that I didn’t hear Him.

So why is old age or aging so important? Because for many people, like me, God finally has an opportunity to tell that person what He’s been trying to tell them for years.

Tell them that Jesus is the answer.

God may be trying to deliver you a message now that is the same message He’s been trying to deliver to you since you were 10 years old. But you get so caught up in the world – traveling, partying and crossing off your bucket list that you miss it. So that message God wanted you to hear at 10 years old, He has to wait until you are 70 years old for you to finally hear it.

He has to wait for your body to slow down, for your friends to pass away and for you to be stuck to a bed at the hospital for you to finally hear what He has been trying to say to you all along.

That’s why I love God so much! Because He doesn’t give up on people though many times they give up on Him. He will chase you till you die to give you the same message He has been dying for you to hear in elementary school and maybe even before that.

That Jesus wants to enter your heart and heal you of all your past hurts. That Jesus wants to be your best friend both here on earth and in heaven. That Jesus loves you.

Jesus loves you even if your parents didn’t love you in the way they were supposed to growing up or now. He wants to show you how to properly love yourself, others and receive His love.

He wants to show you the definition of love.

Just open up your heart to Him and watch Him transform your life!

So if you really want to enjoy the aging process and just life in general, listen to God now. Don’t just pray and talk to Him, but carve out some quiet time to just listen to what He has to say to you. What He may have been trying to tell you since you were just a child.

I’ll be honest, all my blog posts and videos come from just listening to Him.

I may be typing the words, but He is giving me the message to share.

He will reveal to you that Jesus is in fact very real. Real like your mother, brother and sister. But you have to stop and see Him for yourself by building a relationship with Him. See that He lives right there inside of you and wants to guide, protect, and love you forever.

Wake Him up inside of you and let Him take charge over your life!

Then you will live a life like none other. Even if you are 98 years old.

Don’t put limits on God’s Mighty Power!

My greatest fear isn’t going to hell. My greatest fear is meeting God one day after I die and seeing the life I could have lived had I known His Son, Jesus Christ. I believe that is pastor Rick Warren’s greatest fear as well.

Don’t wait till you are 65 before you hear from God. Start or rebuild a relationship with Him now, so that you can live a more fulfilling life and carry on the relationship with Him once you get to heaven.

Trust me. It’s worth it.

God Bless