Why are some kids and even “adults” so rebellious? Why do they seem to have so much anger in their heart?

There goes your answer right there. They have anger in their heart amongst other things.

Kids want to be loved. But they don’t just want to be loved – they want to be loved unconditionally. We want to know that however we act or react, that someone will still love us.

Oftentimes parents emotionally and physically abuse their children. Both dramatically impacting that child’s life. We all know how a parent can physically abuse a child, but how can a parent emotional abuse a child you ask?

By being emotionally dismissive or disapproving of a child’s behavior without truly understanding why they are acting out. This goes back to anger in a child’s heart for instance. If a child comes home yelling and screaming, as a parent our first reaction may be to tell them to “stop” immediately. We then tell them to change their attitude and sometimes even become like someone else, whether it be their brother or father who is calmer.

The parent, in this scenario, first was dismissive by not truly asking the child what was wrong. Maybe the child wanted to talk, but the parent didn’t care to listen. Next, they were disapproving by telling them to change and stop being that way without truly understanding why they acted out.

This makes many children conform to who the world and their parents want them to be, thus losing the essence of who God created them to be. All because they want acceptance and love.

Now this is where God steps in and why I believe God is not as popular in today’s world as He should be.

Many black households believe in God. But they don’t truly understand who He is.

They throw scriptures at kids, telling them that God says they should respect and love their parents at all times or that anger is not good, so kids not only grow up hating their parents for not loving them in the way they should, but they may even hate God too. Believing that He too didn’t care about them or else He would of stepped in and did something.

Sometimes equating God to the parent.

So kids grow up angry and with a lot of hate & resentment in their heart. Which could be the reason for mass killings and the rising of gangs. Because hate hasn’t been ridded from children’s hearts, but rather it has grown over the years. And not even God can step in and save the day because kids have learned to hate God or may not even care to know who He is because their parents or the church left a bad taste in their mouth.

So what has to change?

We need a heart doctor in Jesus to come in and save the day.

We need parents, role models and guardians to take care of their children’s hearts which ultimately will take care of their minds and life. Let’s say a parent doesn’t know how to be a parent because they never had a loving mother and father of their own growing up – well then thank God for God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

This is not only where God steps in, but where The Real God shows up.

Yes, God doesn’t want you to be angry and yes God wants kids and adults to love their mothers and fathers, but God wants people to come to Him about any and everything. If a child or adult feels hate towards their mother or father, tell God about it first. He won’t punish them for bringing it to Him first. If a child or adult wants to beat up a kid at school or cuss a coworker out, tell God about it first. He won’t punish you for the thought.

Children and adults need to understand that God does NOT punish people for bringing their thoughts, both good and bad, to Him first.

David, in the Bible, was very angry at God many times in his life and told God about it. But God still blessed Him with becoming a king and defeating the giant Goliath. Job, who in the Bible, cursed the day he was born and really got mad at God several times was blessed tremendously in his lifetime after he lost his family, home and livestock.

So what am I saying here?

Parents and kids, give God everything and He will set you free. He will set your heart free of anger, depression, anxiety, hurt, pain, abandonment issues and so much more. Don’t be scared of venting to Him like you would a parent. He will NOT punish you for being open & honest with him like maybe your mother and father did you.

We are all kids if you really look at it in that God is our Ultimate Father. He knows our hurt and pain as a true, loving parent would and he wants to help.

You’ve been searching for it all along and He’s been waiting to give you it all this time.

That being unconditional love.

“Once we’re secure inside God’s unconditional love, we’ll start cutting people a lot of slack. We won’t be as angry as we were before. And we’ll be able to love others like God loves us.” – Rick Warren

You can push Him, kick Him, punch Him, cuss at Him, yell at Him and do so much more to Him, but He will still love you. If your parent or pastor says stop cussing at God, don’t listen to them. Respect God of coarse in that you are cussing at God with the purpose of letting out anger to get closer to Him. But be as honest and open to God as your heart desires. Let everything out and be free. Then you will see your relationships getting better, your life feeling more free and you feeling more at peace.

Maybe you will even learn how to love. Love in the way God intended.

Your life’s purpose may show up as well as the real you comes back. The real you that’s been hiding for so many years under that clouded and hurt heart.

Because you finally allowed God in to work on your heart. The heart you had been guarding and damaging for so many years.

Open up to God. Don’t be scared. Pray that He lets you freely express how you’ve been feeling and what’s been hurting you. If you are scared of being open with Him tell Him that. He will help you be open and honest with Him.

Let’s all open up our hearts to God and remove the fear. There is a whole other life God wants us to live waiting for us on the other side.

God Bless.

P.S. – Parents, please stop just throwing scriptures at your kids. Introduce them to Jesus Christ and do your best to become like Him.