I believe A LOT of people “suffer” in life because they have an altered view of what a “normal” life looks like.

People with depression, for example, may feel in their head that they may not be “normal” because they struggle just getting outside and looking like everyone else. Playing sports, going to work, enjoying dinner with friends at the restaurant, etc. They believe they are suffering because they cannot perform those daily activities like everyone else.

Well I am here to break that idea that the world has created. This idea of what “normal” really is.

The world has created this idea that if you have a 9-5 career, a good workout schedule and friends to hang out with on the weekends that you are living a “normal” life. I haven’t found this anywhere in The Bible. So if I don’t see it in God’s Word, I challenge it.

So that’s what I am doing. Challenging it.

I believe society and the devil have done SO much damage to this world! Making people believe that if they don’t get outside enough that something is wrong with them. That if they don’t have a job or kids by a certain age then something is wrong with them. I believe too many people worship the people god than God Himself.

Why, you ask?

Because many of us are lost children living in adults bodies and are scared of being picked on. Scared of being different. We want to be loved and accepted just as little kids want to be loved and accepted by their peers. So we abide by the worlds rules.

At the core of each of us, we want to be loved. So we go where we feel love will be handed out. A new high-paying job – the world will love me then. A nice house in the suburbs – the world will love me then. A beautiful model wife – the world will love me then. Six pack abs – the world will love me then.

The world doesn’t care about you.

And if it feels that they do, it is only temporary. Someone will come in and take over your position at work eventually. Someone will have a bigger house than you eventually. Someone will marry a more beautiful wife than you eventually. Someone will be more in shape than you eventually.

So why continue to chase after all these fleeting goals that are here today and gone tomorrow? Important today and of zero importance tomorrow. Chasing that could lead to depression, anxiety, stress and even suicide.

When God doesn’t require you to chase Him at all. His love and acceptance come freely.

Minus the depression, anxiety and even suicide that can come with chasing the love and acceptance of the world.

So why do Christians still suffer you ask then? Of coarse many times it is because we are battling the devil and the many forces he uses against us. But also because for people who believe in Christ, this earth that me and you live on is not our home.

We have to understand that and remind ourselves of that regularly as the enemy takes no breaks in using whatever he can to attack us. Bring us down and do his best to make the world seem bigger and more powerful than God.

The world can say we are crazy because we have no life and don’t have fun. But my joy and fun comes from sometimes just sitting with God in silence and having a conversation with Him. Not needing friends to head to the park with or buddies to play basketball with – though I do enjoy those things too.

I believe God, not science, created our entire beings including our minds. If the entire world is against me I believe that I can have peace if I draw my mind close to it’s Creator.

I think people with depression or who are suffering need a mind shift. So here it goes.

Many people who are outside working a stable career, have a great loving family at home, friends to hang out with on the weekends and so much more are actually more imprisoned than people in the prison system. More imprisoned than people with depression who can’t even muster up the strength to get out of the house.


Let me explain.

I spoke on this in another blog post, but God is always trying to speak to us. He wants to hear our prayers to Him “yes,” but He also wants to speak to each and everyone of us. Not just because He loves each of us dearly, but because He has a job for each of us to do here on earth.

When your life is consumed with work, family, the gym, bars and clubs – God doesn’t have much room to talk with you. To tell you how much He loves you and what Great things He has in store for your life. When you have depression or are stuck inside your home or within a prison cell, God can finally get to you.

God can finally speak with His loving creation.

So what am I saying here?

As crazy as it may sound, when you drive through the park on the weekends and see it full of people playing and having fun, you, who suffers from depression, may be better off than many of them. This by no means is a bash as God wants all his creations to come back to Him. But more of an eye-opener for you.

FYI – Heaven will be a lot more exciting than those parks on the weekends!

If you are depressed, feeling anxious, lonely, and have even thought of suicide – WAIT!

You are in a better position than many others in this world. The only key to you seeing that is entering into a relationship with God. God wants you to tell Him why you feel you are suffering so He can flip it and use it for His glory. So He can flip it and show you that you are actually very healthy, but how so many people in this world who think they are “healthy” are actually very sick and in dire need of Jesus. God wants to transform you in that alone time with Him to change the world! In ways you could have never done at your workplace or with your friends.

But you first have to set alone time with Him so that He can change your mind.

So if someone says I feel bad for you because you are suffering and don’t leave your house or have many friends, just know that they could be suffering far more than you.

Hold on to God, build a relationship with Him, He will introduce you to His Son Jesus Christ and your heart and mind will be open to a whole new world.

God Bless.