I don’t know if my title makes sense, but let me explain.

Have you ever seen someone crippled and restricted to a wheelchair? And have you also seen how people – maybe even you are guilty of it – being Super Duper nice to that person? Like extremely nice!

I believe there is a problem with that.

I get opening the door for that person and helping them with whatever accommodations they need. But aren’t we all crippled and in need of help?

A businessman with a full-suit who walks in your store may be in just as much need as a person in a wheelchair, if not more in some cases.

Let me break it down as to why I say that.

This goes back to my previous blog post in “Who’s Really Free and Who’s Really Imprisoned” in that we, as humans, are trained to look at someone in a wheelchair as handicapped and someone who is in full bodily health as completely fine. That’s just how the world looks at life and the people in it.

It’s not your fault if you think that way. But I am here just to offer a different perspective. My perspective.

We all are handicapped. We all have weaknesses and need help in life. Whether we want to admit it or not.

So what does that mean?

That means we should all pay extra attention and give extra love to any and everyone. Not just someone who looks handicapped in the worlds eyes. To you it may be extra. But to me, I feel the love you may see someone give to a person in a wheelchair is normal. That should be the normal kind of care & attention every person receives. The normal kind of love every human being receives. Even if they walk in with a smile on their face and seem to be in good health.

We all need love.

Why do you think you enjoy hanging out with your friends after work or on the weekend so much? Why do you spend so much time with your family? Why do pursue your passions in life?

The core of it all is… love.

So I’m here to stand up for depressed persons and anyone who is struggling both physically and mentally today and say we want love, just as everyone else does. But we want love to be handed out to us normally and not with extra-special care and attention. Again, normal to me is extra to many.

For a person in a wheelchair they have to prepare for the world to look at them funny before they leave the house. For a person like me who suffered from depression, I took a risk by being open through social media about by struggles. Now I too will have the world look at me funny when I leave the house. Mainly by people I know.

But if we all, as humans, realized we are all broken and in need in some kind of way, we wouldn’t look at anyone as too weird or in need of special care. We would look at them as normal and in need of normal love.

You don’t think you are broken or have weaknesses?

Why do you crave relationships or sex so much and hold on so tightly to a female once you get in a relationship? Maybe you are searching for love and a self-esteem booster because you didn’t have the love you desired growing up so you seek it in a partner.

Why do you desire to party and get drunk so much? Maybe because the stress of family or life is weighing on you. So you need a stress-reliever to take you out of all that pain. If just for a moment.

So if someone whose in a casual relationship or even a committed relationship or parties, drinks or smokes a ton tells me that they feel bad for me and hope I get better, I appreciate the love – don’t get me wrong. But I hope that they know that they too have weaknesses. I just chose to embrace mine and bring them to the light. Verses hide them with bad relationships, pornography, weed, alcohol, late night partying, etc.

So I live for the day when someone doesn’t just come up to me and say, “Yo bro, I’m so sorry you are hurting. I feel bad for you and hope you get better.” Though that sounds nice and I appreciate it.

I live for the day when someone comes up to me and says, “Yo bro, I’m so sorry you are hurting. I too struggled with depression and anxiety. You trying to go chill & catch a movie?”

That to me is the key to breaking depression, anxiety, suicide and so many other struggles in life.

If we all realize we are broken and that God didn’t purposefully send Jesus Christ into the world for no reason. God saw how broken and in need of healing each person was because of Adam & Eve bringing sin into the world.

Both then, now and in the future.

The only One who was perfect and blameless was and is Jesus Himself. Jesus came down for all of the broken ones in need. That means me and you.

You want to know what’s crazy? We are all chasing what Jesus offers, believe it or not.

At least I believe so.

When you are chasing money and a successful career to support yourself and your family you are really chasing peace. The truest peace can be found in Christ.

When you are chasing that fine young lady and go back home to sleep with her you are really chasing love. The truest form of love can be found in God because God is love (1 John 4:8). Without God love wouldn’t even exist in the world. At least that’s what I believe.

When you are chasing happiness and success you are really chasing joy. The truest form of joy can be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What am I trying to say here?

What I am saying is, believer or unbeliever, we are all chasing what God offers in abundance and freely whether we want to believe it or not. That high is you trying to obtain peace, that one night stand is you trying to obtain love and that dude you punched is you trying to obtain pleasure and acceptance from others.

The only problem is when you don’t realize who or what you are chasing you remain lost.

You continue seeking that feeling again, though you know it will fade eventually. So my question to you is why chase something temporary instead of something permanent?

These rappers, celebrities and athletes only show you what they want you to see. Making you believe they have what Jesus Christ had and still has. Perfection. But if they did Jesus wouldn’t have come down into the world to save us all.

You’ve already been running in the direction of what Christ offers anyways with the desires you crave. Tell Him you want peace, joy, pleasure, acceptance and love and watch Him give it to you in a way no man or drug could ever do. In a way that won’t have you craving your next “fix” when that one dries out or disappoints you.

So if you want to look down on people like me or others who are physically or mentally handicapped and say you feel sorry for us, that’s fine. But before you stop and say that, I challenge you to spend a weekend at home alone. No television, video games, going out to see friends, no weed, alcohol, sex, texting/calling the boo or anything and see how you feel. See what emotions rise up that maybe you’ve been suppressing by all those different outlets you use to push down the pain.

Then maybe after you do that when you come into contact with someone handicapped (mentally or physically) you’ll have a different level of appreciation and understanding for what they go through.

Just my two cents.