I know you are probably thinking, "the people in jail are imprisoned, but I am free because I am not in jail. Like duh!"

End of blog post.


I have a little different opinion on this. You should know me by now, so start your engines – lets go!!

My younger brother recently visited me here in San Francisco. In the bay though I'm bayless. It's aight though, I'm broke but don't shop at Payless. #bars

When he visited he wanted to take a boat trip, so we did. We went under the Golden Gate Bridge, around some popular spots in SF and of coarse had to drive around Alcatraz island. The notorious island where I was locked up….ok, let me stop.

But we rode around the island and saw the prison. As weird as it may have sounded to my brother, I told him that it actually looked like a resort.

I mean surrounded by water, on an island, I'm sure they got to work out too. Not to mention free food, room and board. I'm sure some cells had a nice view of the city too.

Okay, let me stop. I may never book a room at the Ritz Carlton now the more I keep talking about Alcatraz.

But it was nice. At least to me.

You see, when I looked around the island to the busy city of San Francisco I saw busyness, chaos, tons and tons of temptation and just evilness going on. I know what you are thinking, "There is more than enough evil in jail too. Probably more!"

But really though?

If you look at the world – like really look at it – there is tons of evil all around you. In places you might not even realize or think twice about. It may be under the radar or right in your face, but you just can't identify it for what it is.

Your best friend at work may go clubbing with you then go home to beat his wife every night. But he is so skilled at putting on a face, that nobody knows.

With the access of social media we can see evil in schools, daycares, nightclubs, workplaces, fast food places – the list goes on. And these are just places and times where it is actually recorded.

But I personally think prisons are actually more safe and less dangerous than our world. Here me out as to why I think that way.

What's scarier to me about our world than the prisons is that in prison your life stops. The life you had on the outside world is put on pause or done for good, so you are confined to a building for potentially the rest of your life. If you live a "free" man or woman your whole life, you may take boat trips around Alcatraz multiple times with your family feeling bad for all those men who were locked up.

But funny enough, if they still lived in that facility and saw a boat pass with people taking pictures of them, they may actually feel sorry for you.

Why do you think so many prisoners reoffend and go back? I'm sure it's not all for truly bad intentions. Because this world can be cruel and heartless. And in prison they feel "safe," with people who struggle like them and with less stressors on them.

They may feel more at peace in solitude than in the busy streets of New York City.

The world is scared to talk about mental health, but prisoners may be more open and honest about it than anyone else. When a person is locked up they usually first ask "what are you in for," right? Well if two guys say acting out on their spouse because of depression, not only did they just find someone like them but they also may have just started a support group within the prison. To help bring each other up and support one another like them.

Isn't that what God asks us to do too?

I know these may not be all prisoners, but maybe some. Who knows, maybe we shouldn't be seeking these well-acclaimed professors for the answers to breaking depression, but someone in the prison system.

When you are confined to a cell and your life stops, you have no choice but to reflect. Though you lost so much on the outside, God finally sees an opportunity to mold & transform you on the inside. Literally and figuratively.

Maybe show you the key to breaking free of depression for good outside of medicine. Now that He can speak to you without all that outside noise. Without all those distractions.

People say all the time, "Ibsaa, get a job here or there" and I usually never apply. You want to know why? Because I felt God say "no" not because He doesn't want me to make a living and support myself. But because there is so much more importance in my mind than my career. But I have to silence the outside noise to grow and develop my mind first. Then I believe the career will come.

What's scary is the people in this world who are "free" as they may think. I believe there are a lot of prisoners who have died and went to heaven. People who have done crazy crimes. Because God finally had time to speak to them in silence and they were able to really know God and Jesus Christ.

Know Him in a way that may have been too difficult in the outside world to do. With the pressures of work, family, friends – the whole 9.

But in this world we may never get that silent time. We may hate an injury that comes our way and think it's the worst thing in the world when God used it to be the best thing. He wanted to finally stop you in your busy life to tell you something.

He tried in the morning, but you were reading the paper. He tried in the afternoon but you were on conference calls all day at work. He tried in the early evening but you were at yoga. He tried lastly at night but you were catching up on your favorite tv show with your friends.

So He used an injury or a person, but you still didn't care to listen.

God has been trying to reach you your whole life and sometimes it takes going to the extreme like prison to really hear what He has been trying to say.

So if someone were to ask me whose really "free" in this world, I'd say the one who knows Jesus Christ and that their mind & relationship with Him will never be taken away.