Have you ever watched a movie from the middle and not the beginning? Most likely not I am guessing.

Why not? Because you wouldn’t understand the plot or the characters fully.

So watching a movie from the beginning makes sense.

Have you ever met a person, judged them because you didn’t like them or the way they were living and went about your life? I am guessing the answer to that may be “yes.” Well sorry to break it to you, you just entered a movie midway and missed the whole beginning.

The movie being that person you met whom you didn’t like.

You see our lives can be compared to movies in a way. God gives each one of us our own storyline that we must carry out – some carry God’s will out and some don’t. We, of coarse, are the main character in the movies of our lives with our family and friends being supporting actors in our movies. They have their own movies of coarse.

But when a person looks at you sideways for the way you are living or acting, they don’t care to know your whole story. They need to first stop and find out how your movie began. Which in turn could be why you act or live the way you do.

We as a world need to do better.

We see people in the prison system who did all these different crimes and label them as animals or monsters. But we don’t see how they grew up in an abusive home, parents abandoned them and they were around drugs, violence and sex everyday, all day. So they turned to the streets to survive.

All we see is the criminals behind bars. We feel we have the right to label them as villains to make ourselves feel like “the good guys” in our movies of life. Which is a sad truth.

If we only stopped to ask individuals about how their movies began we would gain a better glimpse into who they are and it would shed a great deal of light into why they act like they do.

That’s just my two cents for the night. Hope you all have a Great night.

God Bless