So yes, in Jermemiah 1:5, God lets us know that before our parents conceived us, He knew us. 

Mind blowing!

But do you know what else is mind blowing that many may not think about?

The fact that Satan has been trying to destroy your family long before you were born. Satan may not have known you were coming like God as he is not as powerful, but he has been preparing either way. Whether you were here on earth or not. 

Satan has been trying to tear your family apart so that once you entered the world and grew up following God would be an afterthought after dealing with all the mess you had to endure as a child. 

Satan has been trying to take over and destroy one, if not the, strongest force within you, your family and those in this world around you – your mind.

The enemy knows that if he can get to that and disable or do his best to destroy it than he is good. He wants to push your mind as far away from God as possible.  

Maybe Satan kept trying to tempt your father with alcohol though he was trying to quit and come closer to Jesus. Maybe Satan pursuaded your mom to see another man as more attractive than your father and filed for divorce though the pastor at her church urged her not to.

We hear every Sunday at church how God is at work in our lives. But we need to remember and hear too that Satan is as well. He’s been around our lives almost as long as God has. 

Though he is not as strong as God is, he is still there and very present.

He’s been trying to tear our families apart long before we were born. He has been trying to destroy our families minds and the minds of those we would interact with in our lives, so that in turn our minds would be destroyed too.

The enemy wants our minds to be pulled as far away from knowing Jesus Christ as possible.

You see for me I want to follow God. But I have baggage. My parents divorced, I miss my father and the connection him and I had growing up, struggle with abandonment because of that; I have bouts of fear after being bullied as a child and anxiety from time-to-time and so much more. 

So the road to God and healing was not easy at all!

I had to fight thoughts that God would abandon me too like my dad. I had to fight fears that God would punish me like the bullies in middle school. I had to fight anxieties of stepping out proudly as a Christian and how the world would accept and receive me. Often times fearing rejection and ridicule like in my previous years, so hiding my faith. 

All because Satan had crippled my mind by crippling the minds of those around me growing up. 

Thoughts formulated in my head that weren’t true based on God’s Word, but were true to me based on my upbringing and how I viewed the world. Satan corrupted my relationship with God by corrupting my family and those around me growing up. 

Not everyone was corrupt. But the persons of prime influence in my life really hurt me and made a major influence on me and that’s what the enemy wanted.

As a child I was most vulnerable and leaned on my family for everything. By the enemy finding areas to seep in and take up residence within my childhood home, he began to destroy me by destroying my parents.

I hate using the word destroy as I believe God can bring any person back to Him on earth no matter how defeated or destroyed they may feel. But that’s just the word I chose to go with here. 

Feeling as if there was no Out and that the enemy would win over my life here on earth and in eternity. 

As the years went on and those tough times passed, it was hard to turn around and rekindle the intimate relationship with God I once had. Because Satan had destroyed my family for so many years and took up residence in their minds, which in turn destroyed me and my mind. 

It destroyed my relationship with God. 

I couldn’t find God under all the abandonment, fear, neglect, abuse, frustration, and so much more I had endured in my life. Satan had “completed” what he set out to accomplish. Or so he thought. 

You see there is one thing Satan didn’t realize when he came after my family long ago. Before I was born. That was, when I – Ibsaa Jamal Adam – would be born, I would fight to the death to gain my relationship with God back.

“But in that coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord; their vindication will come from me. I, the Lord, have spoken!”

– Isaiah 54:17 (New Living Translation)

On the outside I may have seemed weak, easily scared and a whimp, which I was, but inside I had a toughness that only God could create. Which is why I am still here today. 

Satan could try to turn my mind into a weapon to destroy me and others around me, but God sent a message for me to stay in His Word daily to conquer and transform my mind and in turn destroy the enemy!

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

– Romans 12:2 (New International Version)

I’ve fought for years to rid myself of my abandonment issues, anxiety, feelings of overwhelmingness, fear and so on. Not giving up though at times feeling like I couldn’t push forward any longer. But continuing to hold on to God and holding on to hope.

Remembering the book of Job and how he perservered when it seemed like all hope was lost. 

Reminding myself that a prophet told my mom that I’d be okay one day and another prophet said I would be a king. Even if I never become the king I desire to be, I know that I will be okay. I am okay. 

My job now is to end this cycle of allowing the enemy to have such a strong grip on me and my family. I don’t want this cycle to continue any longer. I want God to have prime dominion and residence within my household, my life and my mind now and forever!

I know the enemy will still be out there prowling “around like a roaring lion (1 Peter 5:8).” But I want myself and my family to be more aware of that. 

That the enemy is Real and that he is out to get us always. 

So that we can always stay on guard and locked and loaded with scriptures to keep us on our toes and ready to fire back if the enemy tries to attack us in life and take over our mind.

I believe there are so many people not living the lives God intended for them because of fear of disapproval from others. There parents and/or peers may have encouraged them to be a certain way growing up that was “socially accepted” and they are afraid to step out into the world as who God truly created them to be. 

The enemy had a hand in that. 

I believe there are people in this world who you could make fun of with just one joke today and they would lash out in rage. Grown adults and kids. Because they were bullied in life and your insult only reminds them of the past and that pent up anger all of a sudden just comes out. 

The enemy had a hand in that. 

I could go on and on and on. But what I am trying to say here is that the enemy has been trying to take a hold of your family and communities mind long before you were born. The enemy has been trying to get ahold of the worlds mind!

Changing the value systems and making the world believe that you have to be and look a certain way to be loved and accepted in this life. And not embrace the way God created you to be.

Forgetting that God loves you always, regardless of how in shape you may be or how goofy you are.

Making you wonder why God created uniqueness in the first place as this world seems to want all humans to be a carbon copy of the buff, pretty boy and slender pretty girl to be loved and accepted. 

If your family stayed close to God or you had peers who accepted you for who God created you to be growing up you may be good. You may have had encouragement and support to remain who God created you to be in this viscous world. And that is Amazing!

But if you didn’t have that support and encouragement growing up the world may have chewed you up and spit you back out. Figuratively of coarse. 

And now you are stuck mentally as to how to move forward. Just looking for a job or career to pay the bills when God would of had you in a whole other field of work you would of loved had you had the support and love growing up to embrace your true passions and desires. The passions and desires God gave you before you were born.

But the enemy may have “won.” At least temporarily. 

Making you feel scared to embrace who you truly are. Who God wants you to be. The enemy having a hold of your mind and your family and communities mind from an early age. Trying his best to keep you from embracing who God created you to be.

And if your family didn’t stay close to God and allowed the enemy in close you are either most likely distant from God now or struggling to get back to Him as you have so much baggage blocking you from Him now. Or you just don’t care to get close to Him. 

I’ve been there.

But the key is to just ask God to help you take a step back towards Him. He will help you remove all the baggage and find the right help you need to get closer to Him. The right help you need so that He can gain residence over your mind again and no longer the enemy. You just have to trust Him with your life. 

Yes, the enemy has been trying to take you and your family down for many many years. But God has been there too. Trying to keep everything together and hold you up to make it to another day. A day when you would turn to Him and ask Him for help.

Because He can help and wants to help badly!

Because He loves you and has never stopped loving you. God has been there through everything the enemy put you through. Even if you don’t ask for His help, God may try to intervene anyways because He loves you dearly. 

He may intervene in ways seen and unseen. 

God wants you to call on His Son Jesus for help. Break the cycle not just for you, but for your kids and your kids kids. Break the cycle so that future generations can remember that grandma or grandpa chased hard after Christ. Break the cycle so that your kids and grandkids can be who God created them to be with full support and love. Support and love they may not receive at school, but will receive at home because you did your best to allow Jesus to take up residence in your mind and your life thus removing the enemy. 

Your grandkids or kids may not realize all you had to go through to regain a relationship with God and all the baggage He had to remove. All the junk the enemy was allowed to store up in your mind for years that God had to remove so that Jesus could retake residence over your mind. But I can tell you it will all be worth it when you and your family meet again in heaven and rejoice together with your Creator for eternity!

PrAise The Lord!!


“Jesus, thank you for putting this on my mind and heart to share. I pray that people come back to you. People who may have allowed the enemy to take up residence in their minds, including myself, to turn back to you Lord. Please come in like a cleaning and moving crew in our minds. Remove all the clutter the devil has built up within us and move him out Lord! Once and for all! Though he may try to renter our minds, let him know who the new owner is of our minds and that is you Lord. We need your help in this Lord as we can’t do this alone. A lot has built up in our minds through the years that only you know Father. Please help us rid our minds and our lives of the enemy for not just our sake, but for our future generations sake. There may be a lot of mental walls holding us back from truly having a relationship with you Father because of our past, but we trust that you will knock them all down and bring us closer to you again. We love you God and thank you for sending your Son Jesus Christ. In your Son Jesus’s name we pray, Amen.”