So I just finished watching a movie on Netflix. It was called “All We Had” and starred the actress Katie Holmes. She directed it as well.

It was pretty good.

But as I was watching the movie, God revealed something to me. He revealed that many people who may be homeless and struggling to make it to the next day are caught in this illusion. They believe that if they can just make enough money to get out of their homelessness and back on their feet then they’ve made it. 

They’ve made it to “the top” in life. The “pinnancle” of life. 

That when you are homeless and broke, finding a home and money is the symbol that you’ve made it in life. You may even get a CNN special and a movie made about you. 

But unfortunately that’s not true. It’s great to have a home and money and a tremendous blessing, but that doesn’t mean you’ve made it in life. Not at all. At least I don’t believe so.

As crazy as it may sound to you, a person may be better off broke and homeless than with a nice home and a lot of money. 

Now by no means am I saying people who have money, whether it be a lot or a little are living life the wrong way. All I am saying is that people who are broke and have nothing to their name are actually at a really great point in their lives. One that they should stop and appreciate. 

I’ve tried to get friends and family members to workout more consistently before, but it’s been tough. They may start off strong then fall off. It’s like no matter how hard I try to push them, they don’t want to try as hard as me and it was frustrating. 

Very frustrating!

But let’s say my friend or family member were to get sick, God forbid, and the doctor said that if they didn’t lose weight they would die soon. Now see that would for sure motivate them to get in the gym and kick their butt into shape. 

So what changed? Why wouldn’t they work out with me consistently, but were motivated once the doctor said they should?

Need versus want.

In their heads, my family and friends wanted to workout with me, but didn’t feel as if they needed to as they could just rest and get to it later. But once a doctor came in and let them know that it was pretty much do-or-die, that want became a need.

They needed to workout to not just lose weight, but to live. For a homeless person they don’t just want a dollar from you, they need a dollar from you to survive to the next day.

For those who think some homeless persons are just hustling people for money, leave that judgment up to God. Just Bless them and God will take care of the rest.

That, I believe, is why I think it’s a beautiful place to be when you are homeless and broke. A place when you are in a great state of need. A place where you shouldn’t immediately rush to find extreme wealth and “happiness.”

But stop and smell the roses. Both literally and figuratively.

When you have found wealth and your idea of “happiness” in life the need may be gone in your eyes. You have the big house, the fancy car and the well-paying job so if someone were to come up to you on the street at that stage of your life and tell you just how much God loves you and wants you to draw near to Him, you may not care to listen and go about your day. Feeling as if you’ve reached “the pinnacle” in life, so what more could God give you that you don’t already have?

But if you were broke, hungry and sleeping under a bridge and someone were to come up to you with a Bible and tell you that God loves you and wants you to draw near to Him by reading His Word, you may be more inclined to listen.

What’s the difference? Need.

When you are broke, there is no other option. So in your head, why not? But when you are “rich,” why should you care to listen? In your head you have it all. Again, speaking for some people – not everyone. 

When we live by the worlds values we fall short. But when we live by God’s values we rise up.

There is a reason God put in the Bible Matthew 25:40 (New International Version):

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Wait a minute! Those are the Words of God Almighty! And He said “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”


That may not have blown you away, but it blew me away!

This is the Creator of the universe and everything in it. And He isn’t talking about assisting the CEO of the major corporation, or the top doctor in the state, or the top attorney in his field, but the homeless man or woman you pass everyday on your way to work!

Wait a minute!

Here I am paying all this money to see star athletes in sold out arenas and celebrities at concert venues, but the real celebrities are on my street corners?!

That blows me away!

When I give a homeless man a dollar on the way to the grocery store, I just gave money to Jesus? Of coarse not Jesus Himself, but those persons who God places high value here on earth. Those persons we may not even notice as we go about our day or roll up our window so that we don’t have to be bothered. I am guilty of doing that myself, so I am not perfect here either. 

The broke, homeless and in need. God did not say the CEO, the doctor or the lawyer though He cares and loves them too. But the “least.”


You see that is why it is a Great place to be when you are homeless and in need. You are at a Great point in life to draw near to God with no distractions. No bosses yelling down your neck to complete a work assignment, no yelling kids telling you to rush them to soccer practice, no television set to distract you with sitcom reruns. 

Just God’s Word and you. Uninterrupted.

And you don’t need a fancy laptop or phone. Just God’s Bible and you. 

When you are at your lowest, you are in need and most of the time are willing to receive help from wherever you can get it. You will try almost anything to ease the suffering and pain you are going through. 

Pain hurts and seeing people drive by you in fancy cars, heading to their big houses and enjoying meals with their big “happy” families doesn’t make you feel any better. You don’t see the suffering those persons endure just like you and maybe even worse than you, so you assume their life is “perfect.” And thus you aspire to live like them one day. So it, for many, creates an illusion that that life is “happiness” and you need to get to where they are.

Some homeless persons may strive to obtain that false sense of “happiness” and get out of their situation whereas others may be content living without a home and just in need of their next “fix” or high to eliminate whatever pain they are going through in their lives.

But when we are this low and in this much need and pain, we don’t need a big house, a fancy car or even that bottle of alcohol. We need Jesus.

Heck, even when we aren’t that “low” we still need Jesus. 

I believe you could be living in Beverly Hills in one of the biggest houses in the neighborhood and spiritually be lower than someone living in a homeless shelter a couple miles away. But I won’t get into that. All I’m saying is that your socioeconomic status does not determine your status with God in my opinion. 

But for many God may be intimidating. They may not know how to read a Bible or where to start. They may not know how to engage with The Holy Spirit or who the Holy Spirit is. 

But that’s okay.

And that’s why I’ve devised a plan. A 40 Day plan to be exact. It worked for me and I believe it will work for others out their as well. Those in need or those just craving more. Those desiring a more intimate relationship with The Lord.

More intimate than any other relationship you’ve ever had or will have in this life and the next.

For 40 Days you will read the book of Psalms. From Psalms 1 through Psalms 40. 

But not reading it to understand what God is saying perse. Moreso reading it to connect with the Creator. Connect with the Creator of The Word and the Creator of you. 

Imagine God to be your therapist these next 40 days. 

You go down each chapter letting all your thoughts, frustrations and emotions out at God. Whatever emotions they may be for that day or that moment. They could even be emotions of anger towards God for feeling like He put you in a certain situation or you believing that God let something bad happen to you or a loved one in the past. 

You can even go back to the same chapter multiple times in the day when different emotions spring up. Like for me, if I read a chapter of Psalms in the morning and a new emotion like anger hit me later in the day, I would go back to that same chapter of Psalms for the day and let out my new emotions in the same chapter. If that makes any sense. 

Pretty much you can come back to whatever chapter you are reading each day as many times as you want to express your feelings to God. God will not only take those emotions and hear you, but guide you through the day and give you strength to push through with Him by your side. 

Encouraging you, loving you and guiding you. Of coarse God has never stopped loving you, but now you may be more aware of it. More aware and in tune with God, His vision for your life and what He is doing in your life than ever before. Just by staying in His Word daily and building a relationship with your Creator.

By committing to the process for 40 days. One chapter of Psalms a day just letting your heart out to God. He may stop you as you are venting to Him to focus in on a verse within the chapter that may uplift you or relate to your situation like He did me or even to speak with you. For me, He would stop me at times on a certain word within the chapter to speak with me. 

The journey will not be easy, but it will be well worth it. Trust me!

Maybe nobody will do it. Maybe one person will do it. I don’t know.

All I know is I did it; I read Psalms 1-40 and finished a few days ago and my life has been radically different ever since!

I was depressed, anxious, easily angered, very lustful, easily overwhelmed and so much more before and I feel so much lighter now. I feel like the Holy Spirit and I have gotten a lot closer too.

Like God has removed my anger towards Him, my anxiety within my life, my feelings of overwhelmingness, anger to a degree as I believe anger to be a normal and healthy emotion within the right context, and given me so much more. 

I feel like the Holy Spirit is leading my life now and those women on the street I used to stare at are still a desire, but not a craving like they used to be. I can look the other direction a whole lot easier now. Now that I’ve built a stronger relationship with God and removed my hate towards Him. 

Now that I love God.

I feel happier, the world looks different, I laugh with God, am more thankful, pray more and just feel at peace. Even my conversations with other people seem less rushed and flow easier. 

It’s Amazing!

You see I was in need. I had lost my girlfriend, was living alone, feeling depressed and felt like I had no other options. Neither of my multiple therapists nor the medicinal marijuana one of my therapists gave me worked how I had wanted. The self-help books helped to a degree, but still didn’t give me the healing I was looking for. So I opened up my Bible app on my phone. It was the last option I could think of to get out of the mental suffering I was going through. I remember exactly where I was sitting in my house at that moment because of how “low” I truly felt in that moment. God directed me to the book of Psalms and I could relate to the battles David was going through.

So I began reading. A chapter a day for 40 days. Unloading all my emotions on God; both the good and the bad. Just like I did my therapist and just like David did God. 

If I wanted to lust, I let God know. If I was angry about something, I let God know. If I was happy, I let God know. You get my point.

I gave it to God straight. I didn’t hold anything back. I mean He knows you and me already so why hide any emotions or thoughts? 

I don’t remember a lot of what I read through those 40 chapters, but I connected with God more those 40 days than I did with all my therapists combined in the many years I was in and out of therapists offices. So you can believe me if you want or you can choose to not believe me. But I pray that you at least try Psalms 1 if not Psalms 1-40.

I truly feel like a new man and I believe God can give you a healing you may have been searching for your whole life. 

He knows everything you went through in life. God was there through it all.

God will understand and connect with you more than any therapist, friend, parent or loved one would. Plus it doesn’t cost you anything but your time and there are no time requirements like a therapist. 

Sometimes I would finish a chapter in like 5 minutes and others maybe an hour. It’s all up to you and how much you want to connect with God each day. He may have a lot to talk to you about too, so you may think you’ll only be in a chapter for 5 minutes, but He might want to talk to you for 30 minutes or so.

So be ready is all I’m saying.

God was there through all of the pain that took place in your life; maybe when you were a child or as an adult. So let Him be apart of the healing as well so that you can live the life God intended for you to live and so that you can give Him the glory in the end!

The big house and money may come after reading it, but you’ll know then that that isn’t being “on top” in life. Though you may have thought so before, it isnt. After you finish the 40 days, hopefully you’ll see that by God’s grace and mercy you were healed and blessed with a nice home and money. Thus realizing that God is who you should be chasing and not money. 

Continuing to seek God whether you are blessed with a nice home, money and a great job following reading His Word or not. Remembering not only who got you there, but who was there for you in the beginning. The Very beginning at that.

The “pinnacle” of life in my opinion is seeking to follow The Lord with all your heart. Trusting in Him through the good times and the bad. Striving to be more and more like Christ everyday. Doing your best to please Him with your life. Bringing other people to Him and one day joining Him and your spiritual family in heaven. 

That sounds like a lot, but in a nutshell loving God with all your heart and trying your Best to please Him like you would a parent.

And the beauty of that is, you can do that both “rich” or poor. Whether you are in a big mansion or under a bridge. Whether you can read or not. Just go down the chapter as best as you can and unload your feelings to God for 40 days and He will bring you closer to Him. 

I don’t guarantee money and a big house waiting for you at the end of this, but I do guarantee you a greater sense of peace, love, joy, kindness, gentleness and the rest of the characteristics listed in Galatians 5:22-23. 

The characteristics of Jesus Himself.

You may not be in need like I was, but I can assure you it won’t be a waste of your time.
I can’t say exactly how you will feel at the end of the 40 days as for everyone I am sure it will be different. But I can assure you that it will feel a million times better than you how you feel now. The Holy Spirit will be your new guiding force in life if He isn’t already and God will I’m sure become your new best friend. At least I hope so!

God Bless.