I believe this to be true. The title of this post that is. 

We can know that God loves us dearly because the Bible says so. But sometimes that’s not enough. We want to feel God’s love. 

Mind you this is all my opinion so you can choose to agree, disagree or not choose to read my post at all. I completely understand whichever decision you choose. 

But for me, in my personal life, I believe that knowing God loves me from seeing it in His Word isn’t enough. I need to see it right in front of me in a way I can understand; I need to feel it physically; I want to have it daily in my life to be there through the good and the bad. Always beside me – comforting me, supporting me, encouraging me, loving me.

Knowing that no matter what, I will have love waiting for me. Whether it’s through a phone call after a bad day at work to just listen to me vent, or having that special someone to enjoy a weekend at the zoo with. Whatever it may be, I want to physically see and feel love at all times in my life. 

It’s not a want, but rather a need. 

Not just know God loves me at all times because the Bible tells me so. But feel His love. 

And that’s where the buck stops. At least for right now. I mean I’ve been in His Word daily for over a month now and it’s been phenomenal! The amount of growth I’ve experienced this past month can’t be numbered. But one element I still can’t seem to shake off or find an answer to is love. 

Now I know God loves me as I said before that His Word states it countless times. But I need to truly feel it in my life. That when nobody from my church reaches out to me, that when I get rejected from a program or when I help someone in need that God sees me and He loves me through all of that. 

I believe that’s why, though I don’t crave my ex like I used to, I still miss her. Because I could see, feel and hear her love. Whether she was right beside me or over the phone. I could see her daily as we would spend time with each other, I could feel her as she would hug me and hold my hand, and I could hear her words of encouragement after a bad day at work. 

I miss that. 

I also believe craving or desiring sex is another strong desire to be loved, but we won’t go there today. You can read my previous post entitled, “To me, sex is love” to get an idea on what I am talking about here.

I know God has been with me my whole life, but I don’t always feel His presence. I am still working on that. 

I believe that reading His Word is helping and I believe that I hear from God when I open The Bible in the morning. So maybe that’s it. Maybe when I feel alone, down, and in need of love I can crank open His Word. Maybe I need to stop putting limits on how often I can open His Word. 

If I am driving, I can listen to it through my car radio or if I’m downtown, I can try and find a quiet space in the mall or wherever I’m at to read His Word. Just like I would do a phone call. 

Would you look at that?

See this is why I believe you should write out your thoughts even if nobody else reads them. I mean my hope is to help someone else in a similar situation or just to know that I’m not alone. But if neither of those reveal them self to me, I can at least know that God reads them and helps me write them. At least I believe He helps me write mine. And through writing them, God’s thoughts come out through my words. 

I kid you not, I had no idea that I could read God’s Word anytime I wanted to see, feel, and hear God before writing this post. You can see the progression and understanding as I wrote more on this post. 


But through being obedient to God and writing what I felt He was putting on my heart, He revealed this to me. To stay in His Word anytime I crave love. 

“Thank you God for that!”

Instead of looking for a girlfriend, a loved one or even pornography to give me my fix in the love department, maybe I should try to fix my eyes on God. 

Fix my eyes on God’s Word. 

For me, I’ll stick to a chapter a day. Maybe just going back and reflecting over that same chapter when I’m feeling in need of love. 

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Or ladies and ladies if it’s just my Grandma and Mom reading this. Haha. But yeah, that was a revelation for me and God truly came through.



“Thank you God. You are truly Amazing! I honestly can’t put into words how Amazing you are. Like WOW! That revelation right there is so simple yet so profound. You are truly an Amazing God with Power that none of us will ever truly understand. We don’t have the capability to understand your True Might Lord. But I thank you that you’ve given us humans the ability to understand it to a degree. Thank you for giving me the strength to write this if even only you and I read it. I thank you for that Lord. You are truly an Amazing God and I hope to meet you one day. Please help any others that need love in their lives as well Lord. Help us draw close to you and trust you so that you can be our best friend. Our best friend who bestows more love on us than any human could ever show us. The unconditional and unfailing love we all desire. Help us get in your Word daily. Thank you Father. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”