So last night I was about to head to bed, but unfortunately couldn’t fall asleep because I had took a nap earlier in the day. And you know how that be when you want to go to bed at night.

It’s not easy. 

So as I was laying down, I got on YouTube. I ended up finding a video that intrigued me from one of my favorite pastors, Rick Warren. The topic of the video was making God your best friend. 

I found the topic interesting because I consider God to be a close friend of mine; at least I think so. But after listening to the sermon by Rick Warren, I realized something. 

I realized that there was something keeping me back from truly having a strong relationship with The Lord. 

That being trust

I’ve gone through and am currently going through a great deal of suffering in my life as I’m sure most of you can relate. Most of my suffering though is internal and nobody can really see it. The only persons or being that can truly see the suffering I endure on a day-to-day basis are myself and God. And I believe God can see it moreso than I because, well – he is God and I’m not.

So through the suffering I’ve just been trying to embrace God through it. Read His Bible everyday, seek therapy, medicine, volunteer at church, etc. But the suffering never ceased. Not until yesterday or early this morning that is. 

Not until Rick Warren said something that changed my whole relationship with God.

Rick Warren said something that not just touched me, but scared me. He said that there is a difference between God being your acquaintance and God being your friend. The difference is trust

In a true, best friend you trust them. You trust them with your secrets, being there for you when you are happy, sad, angry, whatever. You trust that they will never leave you or abandon you because they are your best friend. Well that is who God is as well. Or at least who He wants to be in your life.

God wants to be your best friend.

But in order for Him to be your best friend you not only have to draw close to God (James 4:8), but you have to trust him. 

Trust Him even if you are enduring the most severe suffering you have ever endured in your life. Trust him through the good and the “bad.” Trust that He will carry you through the storm.  

As Rick Warren says, “Trust God in your pain.”

Which is not what I had been doing. Maybe trusting God through the good, but not so much through the “bad.”

Which was why the suffering persisted for so long. I believe the suffering was used for God’s goodness in many aspects of my life like it says in Romans 5:3-5, which is to build my character, perseverance and hope. Also building wisdom and understanding like you see in Proverbs through pushing through each battle of my life and looking for God in the midst of each storm. These are all qualities God wants each of us to have among others. 

But along with building these qualities through the suffering we endure in our lives, God wants to be our friend and not our acquaintance. He wants to be our best friend at that. But in order for God to become our best friend and no longer our acquaintance we have to trust him. 

We have to trust and embrace Him fully.

Trust Him though the storms in your life may seem to be getting worse and worse. Trust Him though no girl seems to want to date you or give you the love you desire. Trust Him even though none of your so called “friends” want to hang out with you. Trust Him even though feelings of anxiety, overwhelmingness and anger seem to be overtaking your mind. Trust that He will carry you through and be there for you as a best friend would. 

Because that’s what God wants – for us to draw close to Him and for us to trust Him. He is waiting to be our best friend and no longer be an aquantaince in your life.

Oh and if you are wondering why the title of this blog is “God is scary!!!,” it’s because before I went to bed after listening to the sermon by Rick Warren I tried it. I tried to make God my best friend by trusting Him to carry me out of this storm in my life. And ladies and gentlemen when I tell you that a power of peace overcame me that goes beyond all understanding – I am not lying!

It terrified me this morning and I am still terrified now. I’ll be honest, I actually started to cry because it was That Overwhelming a feeling. 

It made me want to get on my knees and ask what I could do to thank Him. 

Imagine something you have been craving almost your whole life being given to you in an instant. That was truly scary and emotional!

I had saught multiple therapists, read all these self books, reached out to all these pastors at different churches and nothing. They helped some, but didn’t give me the peace I had truly been desiring – craving

But God came through at around 1 in the morning while I was alone in my house, just me and my dog. While I was about to fall asleep, God gave me what I had been craving all along. The peace I had been desiring for so many years. God provided me with so much peace and joy in less than a second and all I had to do was trust Him.

That blew me away as to how truly Powerful God is! 

It scared me and humbled me quickly. Knowing that I am nothing compared to God and how Mighty He is. 


I read a book recently that talked about the brains of animals. It said that reptiles only have a reptilian brain, which functions for reflexes like running or attacking when there is a presence of a threat. Whereas mammals have a reptilian brain as well as a limbic brain. The limbic brain functions more for emotion, behavior and long-term memory. Which is why you see lions seem more loving and caring towards their pack than you do an alligator, for example. 

Then comes us humans who have the most advanced of brains on this earth. Having a reptilian brain, a limbic brain and a frontal lobe, which functions for self-control, reasoning, planning and abstract thought amongst other qualities.

If you just stop and think for a minute that God created the reptiles, God created the mammals and God created the humans. God not only created all of this in the book of Genesis, but He created our minds as well and how advanced, but limited each one should be. If you just stop and think about that for a moment, how advanced do you think the Creator of the Unversises mind is? 

We can get a glimpse of God’s mind through His Word. But that is only a glimpse. We will never truly understand the Greatness of God’s mind in full and we, as humans and the most advanced beings on earth, must realize that truly understanding God’s mind in full and plan for each of one our lives is where God limited the advanceness of our minds. 

We are all limited. Except for God. 

Mind blown!


“Thank you for putting this on my heart and mind to share God. Thank you for Rick Warren God and his obedience to you. Thank you for realizing that I had been looking at you as an aquantance and not a friend for all these years. I appreciate all of the wisdom and knowledge I have received on my journey of faith. I thank you for being there for me and carrying me through all of the suffering in my life. I know the suffering will not cease in my life as I want to continue to grow and become like Christ. But from now on I want to trust you through every storm that comes my way. I pray that you give me and others the strength to continue or start to perservere for you. To help us trust you through whatever storm comes our way. To help us embrace you Father. More than any friend, family member or loved one. We love you and thank you for your Son Jesus Christ who died for us and connects us to you. In Jesus name, Amen.”