Only you and God know your mind. Maybe God moreso because there could be events that took place in your past that are affecting you in the present. But you have no idea which event in the past is causing you so much mental pain today.

But God does. At least I believe so.

That’s why I love Romans 12:2 (NIV):

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

We have to let God take over this battle in our mind. Only He truly knows what is going on in their and how to pull up all those roots. Those roots that have dug themselves so deep within our minds and grown into anxiety, fear, abandonment, feelings of overwhelmingess and so much more.

We have let those roots grow for years, not even realizing they were there.

Starting out as small plants then growing into large Redwood trees. We have continued to water each root by continuously reminding ourselves that we are worthless, not worthy of love, a mistake and so on. Allowing the devil to take hold of our mind and our thoughts.

God wants to yank up all of those roots that have taken ahold of our mind. As well as tell the devil to find a new home!

Better than yank up those roots; God wants to use them. Use those roots for your testimony, His Kingdom and ultimately His glory.

God knows the date, time, place and person that first triggered feelings of abandonment within you. But instead of God directing you to a therapist within your city to help you find where those roots stemmed so that you can move on with your life, He sends His Son.

His Son, Jesus Christ, for you and me.

To tackle those mental issues head on. With Jesus yoked up right along side us (Matthew 11:28-30), guiding us, directing us and giving us strength.

I’ve told numerous family members, therapists, friends and so on about my mental battles. I’ll say something like, “I can’t make it today because I’m sick,” when I really mean, “I’m feeling depressed today and don’t want to leave my house.”

To me, it’s not just that people don’t care about me and what I go through. Sometimes they just don’t understand. I’ve had family say to me, “Ibsaa, that’s in the past – let it go” or “time will heal all.”

I’ve literally cried out to a family member in pain from feeling so misunderstood mentally to only hear them say, “I’ve been where you are before.” Knowing good and well they hadn’t, but either didn’t know what to say or couldn’t really understand me.

Well I have some Great news, ladies and gentleman! God knows you. He understands you mentally and wants to help you too.

He not only wants to help you, He needs to because your mind controls your body. Do you know how I’ve been so motivated to lose weight then get detoured by my mind? I’ll feel depressed mentally or anxious or just mentally stressed out due to areas within my day-to-day life. All I want to do then in those moments is eat (eat poorly) and be left alone. Not caring about losing weight anymore.

Or to be even more extreme, I’ve had thoughts of suicide. After my ex left and feeling like I needed her to survive. Or when no therapist or self-help book seemed to be working. Or even not having a steady job or anything of my own at 27 years old.

It’s not a fun way to live or think for that matter.

But in these past 3 or so weeks I’ve been back in my Bible. Everyday.

My recommendation for you if you are battling any feelings of anxiety, stress, feelings of overwhelmingness, depression or anything else is to read a chapter of the Bible a day.

Only 1 chapter a day.

For me I’m in the book of Psalms because David went through it. I need someone right now to read whose been through mental pain as well.

Just a chapter a day. And if reading God’s Word is too challenging for you or you just struggle to read period – that’s fine. Just open up Psalms 1, for example, and glide down the chapter with your eyes. Speak to the Word and allow it to speak to you.

Remember that the Bible is “God-breathed,”(2 Timothy 3:16), so there is power in the Words.

Express how you are feeling towards God in that moment. Are you mad at Him, annoyed with Him, frustrated or even confused as to who He is? Or are you just angry, confused or frustayed in general at your family, work, friends, etc.? All of those feelings are okay. He knows that you feel that way already. He knows your heart.

He not only cares about what you have to say, He really and truly cares about you. He wants to hear from you.

So just go down a chapter a day, whether reading to understand or reading to just unload how you are feeling to God. Or both. He will be appreciative either way.

It could take you 5 minutes to read or 50 minutes. However long. Just pray before you read that God helps you read the chapter in the way He intends you to. Also maybe praying beforehand and asking Him what book of the Bible you should start with.

Oh and one last Very Important thing to do as well when you read a chapter. Listen to hear from God. I recommend finding a quiet space to read when you do. He will speak to you, so be ready.

Talk to Him as you would a therapist or a loved one. He wants to build a relationship with you and cares A LOT about you like I said before.

Even if you remember nothing of what you read, that’s fine. You will get there. Just focus on finding a quiet space to connect with God, building a connection through reading or embracing His Word daily and listening for what He has to say.

Last thing. I had been gliding down the book of Psalms for a few weeks now, but today I stopped and fully saw what I was reading. David was going through a tough time in his life in Psalms 25 and it seemed similar to how I’ve been feeling lately. Here is just a piece of it.

16 Turn to me and be gracious to me,

    for I am lonely and afflicted.

17 Relieve the troubles of my heart

    and free me from my anguish.

18 Look on my affliction and my distress

    and take away all my sins.

(New International Version)

I only say that to say, God will stop you in the middle of the chapter if He feels something you are reading applies to you. So don’t feel that you have to read to become a Biblical scholar so that others admire and envy you. You may become a Biblical scholar one day.

But right now, just focus on building a relationship with the Lord. One chapter or one day at a time.

He will heal your mind and transform your life!

Trust me.