I have this imagery for you.

What if heaven consists of storytelling? What if in heaven God is sitting around a group of children; maybe our family members who have passed on, friends or people who just don’t know us, but are interested in us. Interested in our story.

Our story being life that is.

What if in heaven God is sitting in His chair around the children of heaven? Telling the children within the circle a story about each person alive on this earth today. While the children sit excitedly about how the story will unfold.

The children of coarse want a happy ending. But the ending isn’t up to God. The ending is up to the main character. In how he or she chooses to live their lives.

With God or without God.

So for everyone still on this earth today, our stories are still being told to the children of heaven right now. Yesterday is today’s story for the children of heaven.

They hope that with each story (each day), there is a message of happiness, joy and love. A story that will uplift them and bring a smile to their faces.

So let’s say you did your best to abstain from sin yesterday. All the kids will jump and scream for joy that you did your best to please God. But if you kill someone, for example, God may have to sensor that part out and just say that he or she, being me or you, did something very, very bad.

Not wanting to scare or anger the kids.

But the story lives on. Until the day you die here on this earth.

The highlight of every story is the ending. The children of heaven want to know if you made it or not. Made it to heaven that is.

They want to meet you or see you again.

They won’t know though until you die. They just have to embrace the journey that God brings them each day with each new story. Hearing about how our lives unfold here on earth through God’s storytelling. Seeing every child wait in the group with eager anticipation as they look up to God with a “WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?!” look on their faces.

They care about us. A LOT!

Not just the children, but God too.

Also, not just the children who are your blood family members within the group – every child. They care because they are apart of your spiritual family, which is of a lot more value than your blood family, and they want to see you win.

Win being make it to heaven, that is. Make it home.

Even those persons who don’t even believe in God on earth they are rooting for.

Child: “Did John finally turn to God today?!”

Child: “Did Malika embrace Jesus yet? I remember she used to, but stopped a long time ago. Man, do we miss her fun stories.”

That to me is what I envision heaven like. Each and every child wanting us to win and make it home. The children and God both.

God especially wants us to win. God wants every story to have a happy ending. For the children, for Himself and for the Kindgom.

He doesn’t want the enemy to win and take one of His prized possessions. The children and God would be devastated!

God and the children want us to join their circle. So that they can exclaim how much they loved hearing about us each day. How they saw how much pain we had been through in our lives, but how we perservered for God. How we spread love within our families, communities and around the world. How we helped other people come to Christ, so that their stories too turned into happy ones.

So that those persons we introduced to Christ could one day be apart of the circle as well.

When God finishes a story, the children always look up at God. They are struggling to contain themselves. They’ve heard your whole life story – from birth to death, with God censoring out the bad stuff. They want to know. They all look up at God after every story and ask Him with eager anticipation, “Did Aaron make it?!” or “Did Christina make it?!” and of coarse “WHERE ARE THEY?!!”

They can barely hold it in.

If they don’t make it, God breaks it to them as nicely as possible. They are all sad and leave the circle with their heads down, disappointed.

But if they do make it, God just points forward. They all know what that means. Through the clouds comes a child. That child is you.

All the kids get up and start running towards you. Tackle you, hug you, kiss you and give you so much love. They are so happy to see you and so happy you made it home.

After the kids give you their share of love, God gets up from His seat. The kids move out of the way and you run towards God, knowing exactly who He is.

He hugs you, embraces you, and gives you the most love you’ve ever received in your life. The love no human or being other than God could ever give you. The kids stare in awe at the definition of love being displaying right in front of them.

As you are hugging God, He looks down at you and says “well done.”

He is proud of you and you can feel it.

You then sit down with the group of children in the circle as God prepares another story. The children of heaven sit down next to you as God readies for the next one. One child leans over and says to you under their breath,

“I always knew you would make it.”

That, to me, is what I see heaven to be like.