Mannnn, don’t get my started. If someone were to hand me the keys to a church and say “do you boo boo,” it would be on!

Like they say in St. Thomas – “ON LIKE POPCON!”

I would be more than elated to have my own church. Or just be a leader within a church. Though I was nervous about it before – and still am to a point – I have so many ideas on what I would do for the body of Christ.

Here are just a few ideas. Definitely not all of them.

I would have Sunday school classes for all ages; not just for kids. Though I went to Sunday school as a child, I don’t remember much. My step-father would beat it all out of me as soon as I got home. Haha, I’m just playing. But I don’t remember much of what I learned from Sunday school.

The problem is, as you get older people, especially within the church, expect you to just know who Moses is, or who James is and of coarse who Jesus is. “Oh, you know the story of Jesus when…” or “Man, don’t you remember when Moses went through?”

No, I don’t. But I pretend I do because I don’t want to be embarrassed. I want to take that off the table immediately. Make Sunday school classes available to any and everyone. No judgement at all.

Also, showing everyone how to read a Bible and where each chapter is within the Bible. I know I’ve been caught fumbling trying to find a book during service multiple times.

Friend: “Ibsaa, you alright over there?”

Me: “Yeah man. I just had to make a pit stop over in Job. I’m on my way to the book of James now.”


Tying in with this, I want to build a website for our church. Not just an ordinary website that lists our church location, service times and things of that sort. I want to built out a page that has labeling for issues most, if not everyone, goes through in life. So a label for anger, lustfulness, adultery, gentleness, kindness, compassion, love, etc.

I want some church members and I to go through the Bible and do our best to pull out all of what God put in their that people in today’s world go through. Find stories where Jesus felt lonely, or stories where Moses was angry or Job was depressed.

My intention with this is so that if anyone, after or even during church hours, is going through depression, for example, at home by themselves, they can go to our website, click the depression tab and see other members in the Bible who went through depression as well. In this way they can see that they aren’t alone, but not just that. They can see how God guided those persons in the Bible who were going through a similar situation as them to get out and find healing.

That right there I love!

Having 24/7 access to God’s Word applicable to you and your situation. Hope to create an app as well down the road for this.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been struggling with depression, anxiety or fear and wished I knew stories in the Bible of people who struggled with the same. Yes, I can Google depression in the Bible, but it’s just not the same. I want my layout to be so simple to understand that both a teenager or elderly person battling depression or anxiety can understand.

So those are just a few things I would bring to my church.

Some others would be having classes within the church that meet regularly that deal with topics such as anger, abuse, addiction, loneliness, etc.

Of coarse we would keep the persons names within the classes anonymous, but broadcast during church services that they are available to anyone for free. Making sure to have a leader suitable to lead each class in accordance to God’s standard. The classes will also be available to persons who aren’t members of the church. Anyone can join and attend.

Our goal in each class is to hear each person out without judgment, meet them where they are, and address their needs as God would see appropriately. Allowing the Word and prayer to guide our healing.

I would also like to have music classes, acting classes, computer literacy classes, job skill classes and sports within the church. Maybe not in the church itself, but find another facility.

Get some teams going for basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. Also having music classes for those interested in joining the choir or band. Helping them learn to sing and having acting classes for those interested in learning how to act. Not just for church related endeavors (though we hope they donate some of their talents to the church), but for the outside world as well. Maybe acting in Hollywood, singing on Broadway or playing in a Jazz band has been their life long dream.

Along with that creating an avenue for persons interested to learn new instruments. Finding leaders who are willing to teach persons of all ages how to play piano, violin, drums, etc.

Making church not just a place to be on Sundays. But a place to be everyday.

I have tons of other ideas boiling in my head, but I won’t hit you all with everything today. Some last ones would be making sure each pastor who preaches breaks each message down so that anyone off the street can understand. Also, opening the church doors on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We all, as a church family, will celebrate Christ’s birth together as one body. We can wear our pajamas and bring in some bedding to fill the church. This way persons who may not have a family or home coming off the street or in the city can come on by. We will have food, gifts (donated from church members), and festivities honoring Christ’s birth. A play of Christ’s birth for example would be fun.

Pretty much, my idea for a church is to make it fun. A place to be always!

Your home away from home. Your real home being heaven.

I want people to say they are going to church on a Friday or Saturday night and be excited about it!

In making it a fun, nonjudgemental place to be I hope to bring in as many people as possible. Grow them in the faith and send them out to bring others to Christ throughout the world. God cares about each one of us, rich or poor, and I hope to display that if given a church or leadership role that would allow me to do these things. My desire is to build a church where “The Great Commission” is lived out in its fullness everyday.

“God, if this is in your will, please let it be done. I know my vision will not be cheap. My vision is a bit extreme too. But if it’s your will, I know that you will provide. God, if this is your will for my, I mean your, church one day, please help me stay on course. I know the enemy, The Devil, is not as happy about this idea as you and I are. Please give me the strength to keep my focus on you throughout this process and not let the Devil shift my desires and focus from you Lord. I will need your strength more than ever. Please Lord if this is your will, let it be done. In Jesus name, Amen.”