Life hasn’t been easy for you Ibsaa. Not at all!

It’s time to stop blaming yourself, your mom, your former step-father and even God.

When you wished to be like others growing up, there was nothing wrong with that. You did what you had to do to survive.

Stop beating yourself up for it!

What you did was perfectly fine. You haven’t lost yourself though you may think you have. Ibsaa is still right here in the flesh, so relax.

God actually blessed you. He gave you an escape in the midst of a HUGE storm in your life. You could have taken someones life or even your own life, but you just escaped yours for a brief moment.

But you are and have been back. You just think you aren’t.

So embrace yourself, love yourself and be thankful to God – not hateful – for what He did for you. God provided you with an escape route to help you avoid the obstacles life was throwing at you.

It may not have been the prettiest detour, but it worked.

So be thankful. Not only did you make it out, but you learned A LOT through it. I mean, you can truly preach to others now as you truly understand others. I mean wishing to be like other people for so many years is Great experience in my book.

But you are back, so rejoice in that!

Stop running and enjoy the view. Enjoy the view of your life and how richly God has blessed it.

Things may not be all that pretty around you right now, but rest easy knowing that you are back in your skin, God came through & saved the day and you learned a WHOLE lot through the process.

You going through that experience may help others come to Christ.

Get ready!