It’s time to forgive Ibsaa. I know it may be hard, but in the grand scheme of things – it is only hurting you to hold on to this anger.

The anger you have toward your mom, your dad, your step-father, but most importantly God.

God wants you to get better. He just needs you to forgive Him.

Please, Ibsaa.

I know it’s hard because you blame Him for all the suffering you had to endure as a child and how unfair it is that you are paying the price now. I know.

But look how much God has forgiven you and still been by your side even though you’ve hated Him for all these years. How many times have you sinned, lusted after another female, had pre-marital sex? More than you can count, huh?

But aren’t you still here today? Is that not because of God’s unfailing love and saving grace?

He has given you chance after chance after chance. Even though you’ve hated Him all these years.

Forget focusing on the outside blessings which seem to not matter to you; rather focus on the saving grace of Jesus and how because He died on the cross for you, you are still here today. Every painful day is followed up by a new one with a fresh new start.

You better thank Jesus for that!

God could have ended your life the first time you told Him you hated Him, but He didn’t.

Still here even though you looked at pornography the other day; still here even though you’ve continued to cuss out God on multiple occasions; still here even though you were bullied, picked on and kicked out of your own home.

You are still here today, Ibsaa!

Because God loves you and sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for all of your sins. Yes, for everyones sins, but you were included.

Every time you get an inkling to hate God because your day is going badly, your ex moved on & found someone else, or that nobody will ever love you the way you desire – remember Jesus Christ.

Remember what He did on the cross for you.

Jesus loves you, Ibsaa.

Jesus loves you the way God knows you need to be loved.

He is still here today in your life and has yet to give up on you though you’ve given up on Him multiple times.

Forgive Ibsaa. It is only hurting you by holding on to the pain. Let it go and live a happier life. If God has blessed you so richly through the years, even though you’ve hated Him, just imagine how truly rich your relationship with Him will be when you forgive Him and truly love Him back.

You think that by holding on to the hate towards God, that He will eventually feel bad for what He did to you and stop the suffering? No, it doesn’t work like that. This is not a Disney channel movie. This is Real Life!

Let it go Ibsaa. Stop hating Him and love Him back.

God has never stopped loving you. So please forgive Him so you can make both God and you happy by finally loving Him back in the way He desires.

He misses the relationship you and Him used to have back in the day.

Forgive. Let it go. Start living the life God intended for you today.

In Jesus name, Amen.