Hey Ibsaa, it’s okay to feel the way you do. I know it can be frustrating that nobody understands you but I do. I am with you in this.

Your inner self. The true you.

Life has been pretty tough for you – I know. But you are strong!

Stronger than you know.

I mean look how far you’ve come even after what your stepfather put you through 10+ years ago. You are still here and that is an accomplishment in itself! Be proud of that.

Stop focusing on your ex step-father and what he is doing in his life. Look at yourself and how beautiful of a man you’ve grown into.

You are kind. You are real. You are funny. You care A LOT about people. You are a real genuine guy who should appreciate himself.

I saw how you completed what God told you to do. Wow! That wasn’t easy, I know, but you did it. Moving to Florida and living in the middle of nowhere to finish college and get your degree, that’s a HUGE accomplishment.

To do all of these things without your father in your life. Be proud of that man.

Yeah you’ve made mistakes, but who hasn’t? The people you see in this world aren’t perfect either. They may look it, but they are not.

Try your best to stop focusing on what happened to you in the past. Start looking ahead at your bright future. You were named Ibsaa (meaning bright or light) for a reason.

I know you are angry at God and blame Him for all of this. That’s okay. Don’t believe you have to be like everyone else and just love God because it’s what you are supposed to do.

Be yourself and express your true feelings. I mean God knows them already anyways.

If friends leave you for doing that, they aren’t true friends to begin with. If girls leave you, it’s okay. I know it may seem like the whole world is crashing down when you lose a girlfriend, but it isn’t. It’s been 3 weeks now since you’ve spoke to your ex and you are still alive, right?

God loves you Ibsaa. 

It may not seem like it because nothing seems to be going your way, but remember not to adopt the worlds way of success versus God’s way. From God’s perspective, wisdom and understanding are a lot more valuable than gold or silver.

Do you realize the amount of wisdom and understanding you are obtaining from all of your life experiences?

WAYYYY more than money could ever buy!

The things you’ve gone through and seen are a testimony in itself.

I know you are wondering when the “good days” will come and the suffering will stop.

The answer is now!

You choose the day, the time and the moment when life changes for the better. Change your perspective on life.

Let the past go. Embrace the future and look in the mirror each and every day knowing that you are a king. Not a King like Jesus, but a king whose overcome many battles to get to where you are now.

Embrace that and be thankful for it.

I know you may still have “issues” that you face in your day-to-day life, but so did many people in the Bible. And didn’t God still love them and see them through? Why wouldn’t He do the same for you?

I mean just look at your favorite book of the Bible in Job.

Life isn’t over and will for sure hit you with a lot. But you’ve already been hit with a lot and are still standing. You may not have been the best boxer back in high school, but you are a true champ when it comes to fighting through life.

I love you Ibsaa. The time for loving yourself and life starts now. The past is over and done with. Put on your boxing gloves and keep fighting through life as you’ve been.

God will keep you as He has done since the day you were born.