Hey ya’ll. How you doing?

So a brotha is tired, but I thought I’d push through and write this blog even if it’s just me and God who read it.

Today was a good day. A good day for many reasons, but I can hone in on the main reason, in my opinion, that it was so good.

Today was a good day because I spent the day with God and am learning to be in relationship with Him.

Now that my girlfriend and I have split (yes, again), I at first thought about hitting the dating scene. Heck, I live alone, am young and yeah, you get the point. But I knew I’d feel convicted for two reasons. One – being an aspiring Christian, I knew that wouldn’t look good in God’s eyes if I brought a girl back to my house and two – I have a fear that if I hook up with a girl, that I will lose my ex for good.

So I haven’t gone that route and I’ve been broken up for about 3 weeks now.

I am thankful to God for Elmira because she keeps me busy throughout the day and she is why I am so tired right now. Running around the city trying to find the right doctor to help with her diarrhea wasn’t easy.

I recently tried something new since my split from my girlfriend and that is trying to be in relationship with God. I spoke with my younger brother recently who lives out in Atlanta and he told me that one thing he does to clear his mind after work is talking out loud in the car on the way home.

I thought, “Hmm, interesting. Maybe I should try that.”

I mean I saw how beneficial it has been talking with my therapist out loud. Why not try it  in my car, at home, at the grocery store, etc?

I took it a step further though and tried talking with God out loud. Elmira is Great, but she’s a dog and I feel silly talking to her. So when I felt the urge to call my ex to tell her about something great Elmira did I would tell God instead. I would talk out loud to God about it.

Or if I was angry, depressed or bothered by something, I would open up my mouth and let God know about it.

I’ve been doing that these past few days or so and honestly – it has changed my life!

I am so grateful for discovering this.

It has changed my life in a way I can’t even put to words. It’s like I have a buddy always by my side no matter where I go, who will listen to whatever I have to say; no matter how crazy it may be. It has opened up my eyes to just how omnipresent God truly is, which has made me more thankful and grateful for the many blessings He has bestowed upon me.

Before I would pray in the morning and at night (reluctantly), but now I pray in the morning and at night annnnd talk to God throughout the day too.

I’ve found that when you stop and start talking to God more, you notice more of Him in your life. I now say prayers of thankfulness for having the right foods in my kitchen when I need them, the right kitchenware, the hose in the garage. Things I may have not thought twice about saying “thank you” to God for before have become way more apparent to me after I started opening up to God more.

I’m even thankful to God for my breakup now because it has opened up my eyes and heart to the wonders of a relationship with God.

Who would of known that I would end up moving on from my ex not to another beautiful girl in San Francisco, but to God?

Today I was just so grateful to how present God was in my day. How He never got tired of me talking and hearing what I had to say; how He provided me with so much joy & peace as I talked with Him; and how He opened up my eyes to ways He has been blessing me that I didn’t even realize before.

God, you really are a good God and you really do care for each of your creations. But I guess it is up to us to stop everything, put friends, family, girlfriends and wives on pause to remember you. Not only remember you, but embrace you and the relationship we should all have with you.

I mean you created us because you wanted to have a relationship with us.

After these past few days, I truly believe God wants more people to open up and talk with Him like they do their best friends and family. Tell God that you hate your job; tell God that you are depressed in your relationship; tell God that you Aced your final exam. Talk to God as you would someone you love or would confide in. That’s, in my opinion, what He wants from all of us. God wants to be included in the conversation. He cares and loves us.

So that is something I will continue doing. I am grateful to God for showing me this beautiful breakthrough, but tired from all the talking I’ve been doing with Him today and taking care of Elmira’s stank butt.

My feelings of loneliness, depression, anger, anxiety and so forth have diminished a great deal because every time I feel any of those I just stop and tell God about them.

God has become my new best friend and I hope He becomes yours too.