So if you read my blog yesterday, you know that I was feeling overwhelmed. Still am, but not as badly today. I am actually feeling a bit happy and I thank God for that.

Funny enough, my overwhelmingness kicked into gear again not long after I posted my blog last night. A few short hours later guess who was waking me up around 1 in the morning – you got it….Elmira (my dog).

This was abnormal for her to jump on my bed while I am asleep. I mean the only time she ever really does that is in the morning when it’s time to get up and start the day. But to do it at 1 in the morning, that wasn’t normal at all.

So my grumpy butt threw her in the cage.

Hey, I was tired, felt very overwhelmed yesterday as you all read about in my last post and I just wasn’t having it!

After she was in her cage for maybe 10-15 minutes and stopped whining, I figured I should take her out so she could sleep on her doggy bed. Plus my grumpiness had subsided by then.

Once I let her out of the cage, she kept pacing back-and-forth in my room. I had never seen her do that before. She then began to walk in circles. I thought maybe I had traumatized her by putting her in her cage and her mind was going haywire!

I got nervous.

But then as I watched her, I began noticing that the circles she was making in my bedroom resembled the circles she would make before she would poo outside. So I put two and two together and my butt hopped up out the bed and went downstairs.

We didn’t even make it to the backyard before she exploded on the turf in the garage. Thank God for the turf my grandmother got Elmira a few weeks ago!

That turf saved the day because from the way that poop looked, I would have had to crack every window in my house and the neighbors if she had pooped upstairs. Thank God that wasn’t the case.

So yeah, Elmira had and still seems to have diarrhea, so we most likely will be heading to the vet tomorrow.

We ended up sleeping downstairs so she could be closer to the backyard and turf in the garage, which was fine. As grumpy as I was feeling to be woken up in the middle of the night to turds everywhere, I just had to laugh it off.

Plus I was very thankful to have the turf so I didn’t have to keep opening up the back door every 10 minutes. Besides not knowing if I was stepping on wet poop as I hosed down the garage multiple times, I was thankful and happy.

But my happiness turned to anger when it was time to wake up.

I always get stressed now when the morning comes because I know that the whole day is dedicated to caring for Elmira. Now that she had diarrhea I had to care for her even more. Oh Lord!

My emotions go back and forth – crazy, huh?

But I just woke up tired, grumpy and feeling like poop – literally.

As I was taking Elmira for a walk, I told myself I was done. Done with Elmira; done caring for all her needs by myself. Besides being woken up in the middle of the night to her having diarrhea, I have to deal with her being stuck to my side all day with her attachment issues, not knowing how to walk on leash as she constantly walks into me, her having fear of almost everyone we walk past and yeah… you get the point.

To go through all this by myself was and is overwhelming and I had had enough.

I was prepared to call the SPCA to return Elmira today. As I was getting ready to walk into my house, my neighbor was coming outside. So I stopped to talk to him and told him about my situation with Elmira and how I was ready to give her up.

He gave me some pointers on how to handle her like putting the food & water downstairs and not the kitchen and having her stay downstairs when I leave. He also recommended I move the trash cans so she couldn’t get to them. This would help her get used to not always being by me as she would have to go downstairs now to eat and drink, while I remain upstairs.

Pretty much, my neighbor saved the day and I believe God positioned my neighbor to come out of his house at just the right time with just the right words so that I wouldn’t return Elmira.

He said something that made me realize how thankful and grateful I should be with Elmira. The fact that she didn’t poop upstairs in my room or anywhere else upstairs is a Great sign! Plus, now that I think about it, her jumping on my bed in the middle of the night was probably her trying to wake me up to let me know that she had the bubble guts.

“Take me outside NOW before I blow up this bedroom!”

My neighbor helped me stop and appreciate that Elmira did that. It wasn’t just what my neighbor said but the timing of it that made me stop and change my mind about returning Elmira.

It made me stop and thank God too.

Though my neighbor and God really came through, I was still feeling overwhelmed when I got in the house. Just the amount of cleaning I would have to do to get the basement ready for her so she wouldn’t tear up the place and other things overloaded my mind.

I had had it with feeling overwhelmed so I turned to YouTube. I stumbled on this video and it just so happened to be a message on feeling overwhelmed by one of my favorite pastors, Rick Warren. If you have an hour, I would highly suggest watching it.

Rick Warren is the man! I read his book, “The Purpose Driven Life” and all I can say is “WOW!”

To hit you with some nuggets (sorry for the poor choice in wording) from his message, he stated that there are 5 things he recommends you do when you feel overwhelmed. They are:

  1. Turn to God for help
  2. Focus on God, NOT the problem
  3. Admit my inability
  4. Thank God in advance
  5. Find the blessing in the bad

All of these spoke to me and I thanked God for finding this message.

What really stood out that has helped me find a lot of happiness today was that this battle I feel like I am trying to fight everyday is not my battle to fight, but God’s.

I can flap my arms as hard as I want on an airplane, but no matter how hard I try to help the pilot I’m doing no good. I might as well stop and let the pilot take over and that’s what Rick said we should do with our lives. Let God pilot them and stop trying to do God’s job for Him.

That, in itself, gave me peace.

When I felt stressed or overwhelmed at the pet store today, I just said “God you’ve got a problem. This battle for me finding the right dog food amongst all these different brands isn’t mine, it’s yours. If you want me to keep Elmira, you are going to have to help me here.”

I didn’t think it in a mean way, but overall it helped tremendously!

Giving it to God verses trying to do it myself was a blessing that I can’t even put into words.

One last piece that really stood out that Rick said was that the antidote to stress is repeating, “God is God and I’m not.” I tried that and peace sure did follow. I would recommend trying that out if you feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed.

There is so much more in what Rick Warren said in his message and I would highly recommend you go watch it!

But yeah, that really contributed to my happiness.

Later in the day, God provided another blessing when we found a doggy daycare down the street from my house that seemed to have good reviews on Yelp. I checked it out with Elmira and the lady was so kind that she allowed Elmira to stay for a half day for free to see how she would do.

I was so happy & thankful for two reasons upon leaving. First, because they allowed Elmira to stay for 5 hours for free (I’m broke so YEAH BUDDy!) and because in the first time in over a month I had a break from Elmira and didn’t feel anxious.

I wasn’t anxious for once because I knew she was in a great facility with other dogs and staff to look after her. Plus, they said if she acted up or anything they would call and let me know.

I found peace y’all and I was so thankful for it! I no longer had to worry if she was tearing up my house as I did when I would leave for a few hours.

I didn’t know what to do with myself after leaving the doggy daycare because I literally got used to being Elmira’s sidekick that I forgot what I liked to do.

I sat in the car and pondered for a while then I was off!

My last piece of happiness for the day that I will mention here came when I no longer had Elmira by my side for those 5 hours. I realized just how much I cared and loved her. Even with all the frustration she gives me on a day-to-day, she gets me out of the house, running around, exploring and gives me a lot of love. I had to stop and be appreciative for all she has done in the month plus I have had her.

I felt alone and without my friend those 5 hours. A friend that I had just thought of relinquishing to the shelter just a few hours earlier.

I started cleaning the garage to get it prepared for when she returned, moved her food & water downstairs and even went to the pet store to get her some treats and a toy. Man…I love this dog.

I guess I just needed some space to see just how much I cared & loved her.

Anyways, once I picked her up my happiness kicked in. I was so grateful to have her in my life and as I am writing this she is knocked out asleep on her bed, next to mine. And honestly, to see the contrast in my emotions from yesterday to today, I have to chalk it all up to God.

God placed my neighbor outside at just the right time to tell me just what I needed to hear. God helped me find just the right message on YouTube from one of my favorite pastors at just the right time. God provided a great doggy daycare walking distance from my house at just the right time with exceptional staff that care greatly about each pet that walks through the door. God showed me during the time I had to myself today just how much Elmira has changed my life for the better and how thankful I am to her and Him.

I go to bed tonight both very thankful and very happy. Thank you God for coming through today as you do everyday. I know I may not always be as appreciate or do my best to see the good in the “bad,” but today I am trying. Thank you.